Eye yoga: simple exercises to improve eyesight

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Lifestyle changes over the centuries have caused many changes in our body. The industrial era, for example, made men less robust because they no longer performed so many physical tasks, circadian rhythms changed significantly with the amount of light in cities. Eyes are much less powerful because we spend too much time observing objects at short distances (screens, phone, tablet, etc.), unlike in previous centuries, when people spent time in open spaces (mountains, sea, fields). etc.), in addition to excessive exposure to blue light and lack of medical surveillance, all these factors make eye fatigue a real modern health problem.

In addition to prescriptions, supplements (such as vitamin A), glasses or filters, there is a way to relieve and improve eyesight, which is “eye yoga”.

This yoga consists of a series of eye exercises aimed at strengthening abilities and reducing eye fatigue, it was ophthalmologist William Bates who developed a series of exercises to relax and hydrate, “Bates’ method” states that part of eye disorders is due to fixing the view of the same lens and the lack of blinking, which causes insufficient watering and watering, is also a major cause of “dry eye syndrome,” which is affecting more and more people because of screens and cell phones.

Here is a list of exercises that are simple, quick and doable at any time of the day:

Blinking: This lubricates and cleans the eye, blinking occurs spontaneously every 7 seconds, but this frequency decreases significantly when you repair the device, do it several times quickly.

Close-up rotation: Place the object about twenty centimeters away from your eyes and fix it, then look at another distant object, return to the original object, and repeat this movement gently several times, so that your eyes get used to alternating between near and far. distance vision.

Drawing shapes: Imagine shapes going from floor to ceiling and try to draw them with your eyes without moving your head, this exercise will train your eye muscles.

Simply rest your eyes with meditation and deep breathing, the eyes get worse quickly if the rest phase (sleep, inactivity) lasts shorter than the time of their use.

* Presse Santé strives to impart health knowledge in a language accessible to all. IN NO EVENT can the information provided replace the advice of a healthcare professional.

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