F1 live: Leclerc won the field field in Monaco, Verstappen 4

F1 live: Leclerc won the field field in Monaco, Verstappen 4

Monaco Grand Prix starting grid

Here is a temporary starting grid for the Monaco GP (15:00). Due to the crash of Sergio Pérez and Carlos Sainz at the end of Q3, parts of Ferrari and Red Bull could be damaged. In this case, the parts will be replaced and the penalties will be divided between the two riders. So the Verstappen could start alongside Leclerc in the front line tomorrow. Case to follow! See you tomorrow at 3:00 pm at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix and the new clash between Lelcerc and Verstappen. Have a nice evening !

1. Charles Leclerc

2. Carlos Sainz

3. Sergio Pérez

4. Max Verstappen

5. Lando Norris

6. George Russell

7. Fernando Alonso

8. Lewis Hamilton

9. Sebastian Vettel

10. Esteban Ocon

11. Yuki Tsunoda

12. Valterri Bottas

13. Kevin Magnussen

14. Daniel Ricciardo

15. Mick Schumacher

16. Alex Albon

17. Pierre Gasly

18. Lance Stroll

19. Mikuláš Latifi

20. Guanyu Zhou

Qualifying recap: Ferrari doubled, Gasly only 17

After a relatively calm Q1 and Q2, things accelerated in Q3. Leclerc completed his reference round at the start of training and forced the Red Bulls to chase after time. Under pressure, Perez made a mistake just outside the tunnel. Sainz watches the Mexican closely and bumps into him. “Perez crashed right in front of me. I saw yellow flags coming into a corner. The car was great all weekend.” Nothing serious for both pilots.

Alonso hits Mirabeau at the same time. The Spanish alpine rider starts from 7th position. After 2021, Charles Leclerc will start again from pole position: “It’s very special. I’m very happy. My last lap before the red flag was very fast! I was 4 tenths.”

On the French side, Esteban Ocon will start from the fifth row (10th). Pierre Gasly, eliminated in Q1, had to settle for an unsatisfactory 17th place.

Q3 – pole position for Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc will start from pole position in the Monaco GP tomorrow!

The red flag leads to the end of Q3 after Perez and Sainz’s accident. The session will not continue!

Sainz is expected to start second ahead of third Perez.

Q3 – Perez and Sainz hit!

It hit hard at the entrance to the tunnel! Perez seems to be the first to be tapped just before entering the tunnel. Sainz stepped in next.

Q3 – Ferrari on the way to the double?

Scudiera occupies the first two places ahead of the Red Bulls in Q3. At present, Leclerc would have started pole position ahead of Sainz, Perez and Verstappen.

Q3 – Hamilton one second behind Leclerc

He is currently 6. The seven-time world champion will have to press the correct pedal to get higher on the grid!

Q3 – Leclerc prepares the scene

The best weather in Monaco! 1: 11.376

Sainz follows closely, Verstappen is third at the moment.

Q3 – the beginning of Q3!

A moment of truth with Q3! Field for Leclerca?

Q2 – Rating Q2

Tsunoda (11th), Bottas (12th), Magnussen (13th), Ricciardo (14th) and Schumacher (15th) will not be in Q3.

Q2 – Ricciardo and Bottas are out

Ricciardo and his McLaren will start from 14th place on the grid, while Bottas will start from 12th place.

Charles Leclerc again arrives first in this session ahead of Perez and Sainz. On the French side, he will play Ocon cards in Q3.

Q2 – Leclerc goes under 1:12!

Charles Leclerc goes below 1:12 and dethrones Perez, who improves his time without disturbing the Monaco.

Six minutes after the end of Q2, Schumacher, Ricciardo, Tsunoda, Bottas and Magnussen are in danger.

Q2 – Perez led after the first fast lap

The Mexican erased the time of his Dutch teammate and the time of Sainz and won first place in the time of 1: 12.59.

Sainz and Leclerc watch him closely. Mercedes are far away at the moment.

Q2 – And let’s go to Q2

Fifteen cars, which are still moving, are ready to fight for access to Q1. Verstappen leads.

Q1 – Gasly already removed

Pierre Gasly will not see Q2. The French pilot will start from 17th position this Sunday. Zhou, Latifi, Stroll and Albon are the other riders eliminated in Q1.

Charles Leclerc achieved the best time of this Q1 with a round of 1: 12,569. Sainz and Russell are second and third.

Q1 – The session will continue

There are 2 minutes 25 left for riders at risk to do better and secure a place in Q2.

On the Ferrari side, Sainz got out of the car and should not return behind the wheel, his place in Q2 is certain.

Q1 – Tsunoda causes red flag

A Japanese driver crashed into a New Chicago tunnel and caused a red flag. Nevertheless, no part of Alpha Tauri is present on the track. This interruption could be fatal for Riccaird and Ocon, still 16th and 17th.

Q1 – Ocon and Ricciardo in danger

Latifi improves his time, but stays in the red. The Williams pilot should not be invited to Q2.

Bottas and Aston Martin are also improving their grades. Watch out for Riccard and Ocon practically eliminated!

Q1 – Best time for Leclerca

Ferrari gained control by setting the two best makeshift times. The regional stage of Leclerc drove the fastest lap with 1: 12.569. Sainz is four tenths behind Monaco.

Q1 – Gasly overlaps

Frenchman Pierre Gasly drove a good lap and finished provisionally 4th. It ensures its presence in Q2.

Vettel, Zhou, Bottas, Latifi and Schumacher are riders in the red zone.

Q1 – Leclerc just behind the RedBulls

Monacký is half a second behind the pair from the Austrian team for RedBulls.

Q1 – Red Bulls are located

Perez and Verstappen took the first two places in Q1 and knocked Hamilton down for more than a second! Great performance from Red Bull!

Q1 – Norris signs the first reference time

The Englishman is ahead of Haas with a chorus of 1: 15,800. Bottas is in close contact with 6 decimal losses

Q1 – The first riders enter the track!

Lando Norris opens the ball, followed by Hamilton and Magnussen.

Sergio Perez fastest in FP3

The Mexican Red Bull driver set the fastest lap in the third free practice of the Monaco GP (1: 12,476). He is four hundredths ahead of Charles Leclerc and three tenths ahead of Carlos Sainz. Mercedes remained more behind when he signed the 7th and 9th times with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Is Leclerc cursed at home?

Charles Leclerc, the first Monaco to win the Formula 1 Grand Prix, could become the first principal driver to win a world title. To return to Max Verstappen, the current leader, the Ferrari will have to shine in the streets he knows so well this weekend, which he has never done with a single-seater.

>> Full article HERE

Pérez the fastest of the last tests

The third free practice was dominated by Sergio Pérez, who set a time of 1: 12.476 on his Red Bull. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) recorded the second best time with +0.041. His teammate Carlos Sainz follows him, but lags slightly (+0.370). Max Verstappen finished 4th with +0.405.

The first two trainings on Friday were won by local racer Charles Leclerc.

Welcome, start of qualifying at 4 p.m.

Hello everyone, welcome to this live RMC Sport, where you will be watching the qualifiers of the Monaco Formula 1 GP. The seminar starts this Saturday at 16:00.

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