F1: Sergio Pérez won in Monaco after the Rain-Distorted Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc fourth

F1: Sergio Pérez won in Monaco after the Rain-Distorted Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc fourth

Lots of rain, red flags, twists and finally good luck for Sergio Pérez. The Mexican won a prestigious victory in the streets of Monaco on Sunday, May 29 after a very rich Grand Prix. An hour’s delay due to a heavy downpour that fell on the principality, the race finally started on a wet track.

It all happened in pits with different stopping strategies. A small game that smiled at the Red Bull rider, today’s big winner. Sergio Pérez in front of Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and his teammate Max Verstappen at the end of the class, because the race ended on time, after three hours of testing. Charles Leclerc, who started from pole position, finished in fourth place after a gross mistake in his team’s strategy.

In Monaco, boring races have been blamed in recent seasons. This year, the Monaco track offered motorsport lovers a compendium of adventure and emotion. With a little waiting, at first, when the start of the race was delayed by an hour due to rain, before the start was exceptionally rushed.

An unusual situation that benefited the Red Bull monoposts, when the race was even more exciting from the 15th round, while playing in the pits. Sergio Pérez, third at the start, dived first to change the tires (from completely wet on the middle, more suitable for a dry track) and managed to overtake two Ferrari drivers who returned to the pits too late. The Italian team reacted by first putting hard tires on the drying track, just a few laps later. But Scuderia was caught up in her strategic mistakes. An imbroglie between Charles Leclerc and his engineer caused a traffic jam in the red boxes (and the driver’s anger). Red Bull took the opportunity to take Sergio Perez back in the lead.

The Mexican did not let go of the controls despite the second interruption of the race caused by the violent departure of Mick Schumacher (Haas) from the track in the 27th lap. The accident of the German driver also hastened the Grand Prix at the unconventional end of the race, because after three hours of testing, it ended in class, as stipulated by FIA regulations from this season. Sergio Pérez thus withstood the insane pressure exerted by his three pursuers Sainz, Verstappen and Leclerc in the last minutes when he struggled with worn tires. At the age of 32, he won the third victory of his career in the legendary streets of Monaco, arguably the most prestigious.

Streets that could not celebrate their local hero Charles Leclerc. The Monaco driver, the big loser of the day, was unlucky again in the streets of his childhood. The Ferrari driver lost everything at the start of the pole position, burdened by his team’s poor strategy. Poor performance is all the more painful when he sees his teammate Carlos Sainz rise to second place on the podium and his rival Max Verstappen retreats in the championship standings (125 points vs. 110). Finishing the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time in a Formula One career after two resignations and a failed start will be a small consolation.

The race was not happy even for the French, who finished just outside the points. Pierre Gasly (11th) spent most of his race stuck behind Sebastian Vettel, while Esteban Ocon was penalized for a collision overtaking Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race. They will have the opportunity to start again in two weeks on another street circuit, Baku, during the eighth race of the season.

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