Fanzones, RER B strike… What you need to know before you take part in the Champions League final

Fanzones, RER B strike… What you need to know before you take part in the Champions League final

“Normally, the organization of such an event takes eighteen months. We had three… “It is underestimated to say that the police headquarters had to accept a huge challenge to define its battle plan for the Champions League finals. The match, which will take place this evening at the Stade de France, was to take place in St. Petersburg. But due to the war launched by Russia in Ukraine, a decision was made in February to relocate the meeting.

To make it even more difficult, two European monsters will compete on the field. Liverpool and Real Madrid, two clubs with passionate fans. The Dionysian enclosure with 80,000 seats is obviously full. “As part of the organization of the finals, 6,800 police officers and soldiers will be mobilized to ensure the smooth running of the meeting, to ensure the safety of goods and people in Paris and Saint-Denis, and to enforce the measures taken to that end,” the police directorate said.

In Saint-Denis, a fan zone for Spanish fans with tickets is planned from noon. It will be open from 5 pm for residents who have already registered with the city. We also ask Englishmen who also have tickets to go directly to the Stade de France as soon as possible.

But what bothers the police in particular are Liverpool fans, who land in Paris without sesame and risk wandering in the capital. According to their reputation, there should be (very) many of them. Almost 40,000 people are reported. That is why a gigantic fan zone, the Cours de Vincennes (12th century), is planned for them, open from the beginning of the afternoon.

To calm the inflammation, the sale and consumption of alcohol on the perimeter set up in Saint-Denis and also at Roissy and Orly airports will be banned from 18:00 on Saturdays until 2:00 on Sundays.

Only 4 out of 5 trains from 17:00.

Finally, the police directorate recommends prioritizing public transport and introducing traffic and parking measures in and around Saint-Denis and the Paris fan zone. The problem due to the strike on the B RER, which serves the Stade de France, RATP and SNCF, announces two trains out of three on average during the day and 4 trains out of 5 from 5 pm until the end of the service this Saturday.

In addition, the Gare-du-Nord connection is suspended. This means that you will have to change trains and probably go to the surface station a few floors higher in order to continue your journey. The SNCF therefore urges passengers to prioritize RER D. Plus de trains says it is “furious”. “Many foreign supporters do not know the line and will be lost, fears Arnaud Bertrand, its president. It will be very difficult. »

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