FC Nantes wants to offer Arkadiusz Milik!

FC Nantes wants to offer Arkadiusz Milik!

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European Championship closed, place in the summer transfer period and its first batch of speculation. And the last rumor that was heard is likely to cause a stir. According to indiscretion RMC Sports, FC Nantes, at the instigation of its President Waldemar Kita, would dream of being offered… Arkadiusz Milik! The 28-year-old Polish striker, who came in the form of a loan with an option to buy in the Olympique de Marseille in the winter of 2021, belongs to the 2024 Olympique de Marseille.

Last year, but qualifying for the next European League after the success against the Aiglons in the final of the Coupe de France, the Canaries were able to inflict the first major blow on this transfer market. An operation that nevertheless raises many questions. Could this bring Nantes closer to Phocaeans number 9, a few months before the next World Cup scheduled for Qatar? How to close this transaction? Transfer between 12 and 15 million? A loan?

Milik, an unattainable dream for the Nantes board?

If the operation seems difficult to carry out, all the more so as we know that the Polish national team (62 picks, 16 goals) currently earns almost 3.5 million euros net a year in Marseille, this information is good and the management has been confirmed. FC Nantes. “There is a lot of interest in Arek, we are talking about a real attacker. But our idea is to keep the best and Milik is connected to the club.OM President and General Manager Pablo Longoria recently said about the future of his protégé.

Marseille’s board of directors, determined to keep it, remains in spite of everything that depends on the player’s AC decision since his arrival at Canebière and often disagrees with his coach. The former Naples striker, who settled down and then descended to the bench and was called back to the starting lineup, never knew what leg he was supposed to dance on under Jorge Sampaoli. However, as recently stated ProvenceMilik didn’t seem willing to leave OM. During the exchange of views with his coach Czesław Michniewicz, the Polish forward assured that he did not intend to change the air during the next summer transfer period. With the World Championships in Qatar in sight, the Tycha native, happy in Marseille, therefore seems determined to wear the skies and white tunic next season. But do you ever know …

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