Fisker is developing PEAR, his only $ 29,900 crossover

Fisker is developing PEAR, his only $ 29,900 crossover

Try Fisker ahead of the development of PEAR, its only crossover for $ 29,900?

Build Your Own Fisker is before the development of PEAR, its crossover for only $ 29,900 or request a free trial.

Unlike other start-ups, Henrik Fisker not only respects his schedule, but is even ahead of schedule.

After slamming the door on Twitter to announce the steps taken by Elon Musk, his lifelong rival, to buy a social network, Henrik Fisker withdrew on Instagram to present a new picture of his crossover PEAR, short for Personal electric car revolution, whose order book was opened last February with 1,500 bookings announced ten days later. But in addition to this illustration so artificial that it could be taken from the animated film Car, it is primarily its caption written by the CEO of the brand of the same name, which deserves to be informed, for two reasons.

In these times of long development times and constantly postponed marketing data, whether due to questionable internal management issues such as Faraday Future or due to the supply of components such as the rest of the planet, Fisker announces that the PEAR prototype will be introduced sooner than expected. next year will maintain production at the Lordstown plant, which has an annual assembly capacity of 250,000 units.

But the best news is that the only number we know about the compact crossover at the moment is retained: it’s its $ 29,900 tax-free price, which is equivalent to $ 28,000. And it’s especially refreshing to see such ambitions and not yet a new six-seater monster with 1,000 horsepower. To achieve this, Henrik Fisker reveals some of his secrets in a mysterious way: “by reducing the number of parts and simplifying them” and also “by replacing tradition by adding technology and unique elements. »

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Fisker is developing PEAR, his only $ 29,900 crossover

It will be Fisker’s second electric model after the Ocean SUV with 45,000 reservations, and the third on the program is Project Ronin, a four-seater GT convertible that will offer “the largest autonomy in the world” and is expected to be introduced as a prototype by August.

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