Flights France – Algeria: what low cost airlines?

Flights France - Algeria: what low cost airlines?

This year, Air Algeria is facing strong competition from low-cost airlines operating from France more than others. Are their offers and travel conditions better?

There are four low-cost airlines that operate flights to Algeria from France, namely Vueling, Volotea, ASL Airlines and Transavia. They should be joined by another airline of the same category, Tui Fly, which plans to serve Tlemcen and Béjaïa from Lille from June and July.

In an article published this Saturday, May 28, the French newspaper Le Parisien takes stock of French low-cost prices and asks an expert: are they risky? Can we book without risk? Are their prices attractive? Etc.

We learn that a low-cost company does not mean a small company. For example, Wizz Air has established itself as the leading airline in Eastern Europe according to Xavier Tytelman, an aviation consultant for Starburst Accelerator.

Low cost companies: what prices?

Volotea, a Spanish low-cost airline operating in Algeria since December 2021 and preparing to expand its offerings from France, has not stopped growing since its inception in 2012. It has a decent place in the French and European markets. various offers.

The accepted idea that low-cost airlines have to offer the cheapest prices is no longer valid, explains the economist approached by Le Parisien. Observations that can be easily verified on flights to Algeria.

For several months, Volotea listed some of the highest prices to Algeria: Bordeaux – Algiers and Marseille – Oran for more than € 700 one way.

Ditto at Transavia, whose prices to Algeria are certainly lower than those charged by its parent company Air France, but often remain higher than those of Air Algeria, including the baggage offer. Prices for ASL Airlines and Vueling to Algeria are also higher than for Air Algeria.

In addition, all services included in the ticket prices for traditional airlines are charged by those with a low cost label. Finally, the costs may approach or even exceed the costs of traditional companies.

To this must be added cancellation conditions, which are not known to be advantageous for so-called low-cost airlines.

Low cost companies: good points and shortcomings that need to be filled

If there is one point where low-cost airlines have nothing to envy conventional airlines, it is on the security side. The European Union maintains a certain level of requirements.

Nevertheless, they show some delays in the professional conditions of their employees, especially during working hours, which are considered excessive and do not meet the required standards and wages.

Recently, Volotea and Vueling employees, to name only the companies present in Algeria, have declared strikes precisely to condemn the conditions.

Volotea is sued for violating the rules of flight and rest in a court in Nantes.

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