Football: violence, tear gas … What we know about the chaotic end of the match between Saint-Etienne and Auxerre

Football: violence, tear gas ... What we know about the chaotic end of the match between Saint-Etienne and Auxerre

The penalty shootout turned into chaos. Violent skirmishes broke out at the end of the playoffs for Ligue 1 between AS Saint-Etienne and AJ Auxerre on Sunday 29 May at the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium in Saint-Etienne (Loire). forces of the order by surprise.

After a winning shot on goal, which sent Auxerre to Ligue 1 and a whistle descent to Ligue 2 for the Greens (1: 1, 5 shots on goal at 4), angry Saint-Etienne supporters stormed the pitch before the players left. Throwing smoke bombs and projectiles and violence against the police caused minor injuries. Franceinfo takes stock of this violent end of the match.

The course burst behind the whistle

Violence erupted in the final whistle. Hundreds of Saint-Etienne fans left the stands to break into the pitch when the players were not yet in the locker room. One of the supporters even entered the field with a security barrier, noted an AFP journalist.

While much of the fans quickly returned to the stands, some, ultras, mostly from the Green Angels, stayed on the lawn to fire smokestacks on benches, fireworks and other projectiles towards the official Pierre-Faurand booth, protected by the police.

Players from both teams were immediately evacuated to locker-protected locker rooms for throwing projectiles from supporters. Security forces responded with tear gas to disperse the crowd. “After the match, I got scared because I took tear gas canisters, like my players. We counted each other to see if anyone was missing. These incidents are very sad.”“Auxerrois coach Jean-Marc Furlan told AFP.

Footage of the locker room corridor showed players, commissioners and members of the leadership coughing under the influence of tear gas. The commentators of Prime Video, the official broadcaster of the meeting, also received cough attacks.

The stadium was evacuated in 30 minutes

The play-off against AJ Auxerre was played in a special context with a closed stand due to the throwing of smokestacks during the ASSE-Monaco match on April 23. This previous meeting, which counts down to the 34th day of L1, was interrupted twice, the second time for more than half an hour, while the ultras from Saint-Etienne detonated smoke bombs and fireworks to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Green Angels.

Device “exceptional and strengthened, almost 500 agents”according to ASSE, a “250 police officers and gendarmes” was mobilized for Saint-Etienne-Auxerre, completing the prefecture. It took the police another half hour “hanging” hit and “proceed immediately with the evacuation of those responsible for this breach”said the prefecture of Loire on Sunday evening.

During the police intervention on the spot, panic movements also hit the stands.

Several injured, including a child player

Once the course is evacuated and the stands are emptied, around 200 ultras, according to a special franceinfo envoy on the spot, caused further damage around the stadium. The Prime Video production bus was the target of projectiles, he told AFP television.

According to the prefecture of the Loire, everything has returned to normal since 23:15. “The use of tear gas and water-throwing equipment has allowed most rioters to disperse”described. “1,154 AJA supporters and then the players could safely leave the stadium under police escort from midnight.”

Lighter injuries are to be condemned, including fourteen among the police, seventeen among the supporters and two among the AJA players, in detail on Sunday evening, the Loire prefecture. Three supporters were taken to hospital for inspection. Toddler Zaydou Youssoufa, defender Saint-Etienne, present at the gallery, “found in breathing failure due to gas”exactly Team (paid article).

The club is exposed to new sanctions

Some Saint-Etienne fans have tried to legitimize this violence. “We’ve been close to Ligue 2 for three years, so we’re very upset. We have to go through violence.”, testified supporter of RTL. Others blamed these acts. “We can’t accept that a football match ends like this. We can’t endanger lives at stake, that’s not possible.”condemned another woman interviewed by radio near the stadium.

Loire Prefect Catherine Séguin condemned her “with the utmost determination, these unacceptable, irresponsible and indecent actions by a minority of individuals who claim to be supporters of the ASSE, but who are all simply rapists”. The official Saint-Etienne sports association also condemned it in an official press release published overnight from Sunday to Monday “Firmly these actions”. The ASSE ensures that it provides all support to those affected and specifies that it will begin “necessary legal procedures”.

The club risks new sanctions when it is already on probation due to excesses associated with its supporters. After the interruption of the match against Monaco in mid-April, the Professional Football League (LFP) ordered Geoffroy-Guichard behind closed doors until the end of the season. The draw against AJA was also played with a closed stand and the match against Reims was played without supporters during the 37th day of Ligue 1.

As soon as the descent was confirmed, the press release of the shareholders also indicated the planned sale of the club. Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo promise “Important news about the future of the club and ours”he adds that“the crucial side of our lives will turn”. In the greatest confusion.

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