Fortuneo Test: a reliable and reassuring online bank for savers

Fortuneo Test: a reliable and reassuring online bank for savers

On paper, Fortuneo offers one of the most complete offers on the market (current account, various savings accounts, numerous credit solutions including real estate, stock exchange services, life insurance, etc.). It is also one of the few online banks in our comparison to offer a joint account and almost the only one to offer cards in the three main card issuing networks outside Asia, namely Mastercard, Visa and American Express. All nominally free, with free payments and withdrawals in France and abroad – except for payments in foreign currencies, where a commission of 1.94% is deducted from the basic card) and variable sponsorship offers – so 80 € is offered at the time of writing. for opening a gold account. Rather friendly. Yes, but some elements that are becoming standard in online banking are not part of the package. So you can’t set up your professional account with Fortune, or benefit from a Metal card or trade in cryptocurrencies. For a bank that wants to be a generalist, it is more shameful that you cannot open a current account with a bank card for teenagers, even if the children of the account holders can use a savings account, account title or life insurance in their own name. At a time when all banks are trying to catch “baby customers”, this absence is surprising.

To start a deposit of 300 €

You also need to look carefully at the small lines. Fortuneo is indeed regularly ranked as one of the cheapest banks on the market … except that the initial bet is relatively high (deposit of EUR 300 when opening an account and EUR 4,000 per month for the World Elite offer) and there are hidden fees such as 3– EUR 9 per month when the Fortuneo card was not used for payment. If you are looking for a backup bank, despite the attractiveness of virtual cards highlighted for online payments and the fact that you can use five different mobile payment solutions (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay), Fortuneo remains too classic and not sharp enough. to differentiate itself from the competition.

Keep some comfort

So who is Fortuneo for? For people who are looking for a general bank and are ready to switch from a classic bank to an online bank while maintaining a certain comfort, such as the opportunity to talk on the phone with professional advisers (stock market, in life, mortgage) to have support as close as possible to their needs. Under these conditions, it is better to choose this bank if you have a relatively large income and you are childless or have small children with the desire to save to become your main bank. This is already the choice of about half of the users, as they know that, on average, Fortune customers have more than € 30,000 in assets distributed between their different accounts (current, different savings accounts, life insurance, etc.).

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