France groans but rolls

La France râle, mais elle roule

With a peak of 934 km of cumulative decelerations at 5:50 p.m. and particularly significant difficulties in certain sectors – especially the 4 hours required to reach Lyon from Orange compared to 1:40 in normal times – traffic will have been particularly dense on occasion since the Ascension Bridge.

At all gas stations, we will witness the usual scenes with gas station queues, anarchic parking spaces and rioting sandwich racks.

The author of these lines thus thinks of the owners of electric cars, who on Thursday at noon had to wait for the release of the Ionity terminals of the Parcé-sur-Sarthe station without the possibility of parking. not to hinder the movement of other users. That promises this summer.

By the way, in the event of an overload of this type, it would be desirable for owners of plug-in hybrid models to be polite to think of those who can only rely on electricity on their journey … Let’s move on.

However, the fact that camps, hotels and restaurants were raided at the weekend and are already preparing for a “historic” summer should not overshadow the reality of two-speed France, described yesterday by sociologist Jean Viard, director of research at the CNRS in an interview with Sunday newspapers: ” The ones most affected by inflation, rising pasta or gasoline are the most popular circles that never go on vacation. 60% of French people who do so belong to the richest categories and live mainly in large cities and Ile-de-France. […] They talked about prices, of course. Undoubtedly they will change their behavior a bit: they will go less far, they will go less quickly, they will replace the restaurant with a picnic on the edge of the field … But most French people are living well and the world will not collapse because inflation exceeds 5%. »

Be that as it may, and apart from a few temporary inconveniences, this weekend was really a touch of summer vacation on the roads.

And as soon as we arrived at the finish line, albeit a little (a lot?) Late compared to the originally planned schedule, we could recall the accuracy of the words of the writer Sylvain Tesson, according to which “France is a paradise inhabited by people who believe they are in hell. “

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