French: new official conditions for video games

French: new official conditions for video games

The world of video games has always used and abused Anglicisms. That is a fact. Could it be too much? In any case, France Terme took part in this under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Culture. Officially, certain Shakespeare terms now have a comprehensible equivalent for those who speak Molière.

So how do we say that?

Language, whatever it is, is evolutionary: it must be able to adapt to the time in which it is practiced in order to prosper and endure into the future. In the last century, many fields and innovations were born that the French were not prepared for, such as video games. If the birth of the video game industry has an undeniable connection with the Anglo-Saxon world, this does not apply to France. Over time, therefore, it is easier to borrow terms from English so that we can talk about “video games.” Until now ?

The Ministry of Culture published a set of vocabulary in the field of lexical video games in the Official Gazette of 29 May, thanks to the French Language Enrichment Commission, and ready for launch. In particular, the organization proposed the term “e-mail” instead of anglicism “e-mail” to evoke e-mail. The process therefore resulted in a list of a few words referred to on the France Terme online platform:

  • casual player becomes an “Casual Player”
  • hardcore player becomes a “hyperplayer”
  • Skill game becomes a “Skill Game”
  • Social games becomes a “board game” (online)
  • retrogaming becomes a “retro game”
  • Game as a service becomes “Video Game on Demand”
  • Cloud games becomes a “Cloud Video Game”
  • Current becomes “living players”
  • Professional player becomes “professional players”
  • Sports will become a “competitive video game”
  • Skin betting / gambling becomes “virtual object exchanges”
  • pay-to-win will change to “Pay for the win”
  • In-game advertising becomes an “in-game ad”
  • Free-to-Play becomes a “Video Game with Free Access”
  • Early access becomes a “preliminary approach”
  • Season Pass becomes “Season Pass”
  • Downloadable content (DLC) becomes “Additional Downloadable Content (CTA)”
  • Matchmaking will change to “Player Pairing”
  • Rigging becomes “skeletonization”
  • Hand tracking changes to “Hand Tracking”

While some of these new terms are unfamiliar to you, or even already in use, others, such as “player pairing,” clearly seem doomed to be forgotten. The English language is unique in that it allows short abbreviations, many of which have been part of players’ vocabulary for a long time. The fact remains that the initiative to make these words official offers an opportunity to seize them, bring them to life and make them develop. Of course, everyone is free to use the term that suits them best. After all, the language used is not so important as the way to communicate. We promise not to talk about “Xbox Cloud Gaming” instead of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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