Further Instagram updates may cause you to delete the application

La prochaine mise à jour d'Instagram pourrait vous faire supprimer l'application

Hardware news Further Instagram updates may cause you to delete the application

Instagram has been launching a completely new interface for several days now. If it hasn’t arrived on your smartphone yet, it won’t be long. In the face of this design change, we can at least say that users are not satisfied … Instagram will have to rectify the situation quickly.

Influence of TikTok on Instagram

Let’s start with the most visible: yes, it seems that the new Insta interface was very inspired by what TikTok offers.

TikTok has been the most downloaded application in the world for some time now, and the teen-loved social network has become a figure in its market. Normal that the competition follows TikTok on the trail, just as Snapchat followed Tales at the time of the yellow ghost explosion.

This is not the first time the Chinese giant has led the election of its American rival.

Remember: Winches from Instagram, which arrived in August 2020, as well as Shorts from YouTube, are more or less copying / pasting what TikTok offers: short videos that scroll full screen one by one.

In addition, users have never been mistaken, because on these platforms we find videos directly from TikToku, we can even often see the brand of the Chinese network on American applications …

This time Meta, formerly Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, took over the ergonomics of TikTok not for function, but for the whole

From the home screen, each photo and each video is displayed in full screen, and you must play with your thumb to move from one position to another.

So yes, with this interface, everything is simpler, everything is more readable. Counterparty: navigation in the application is much less smooth. Well, that doesn’t happen. Many people are lost and complaints inevitably increase, especially on Twitter.

Believe us, we are in a good position at JV to know: every design change of a well-identifiable brand arouses cries of anger.

Changing the interface design is always very carefully thought out, especially if your name is Instagram. These changes are systematically based on various studies which demonstrate that user involvement will increase.

Maybe the people who are crying vulgarly today are in the minority. Or worse, perhaps despite their complaints, they spend even more time browsing their Insta feed since updating the app.

In the face of this influx of complaints, Meta will remain rational, as will all major web companies.

  1. Either they find it their numbers do not match to a wave of negative comments, so they stay with this interface until it drops and people get used to it.
  1. Either it’s the anger of internet users well correlated with a decrease in involvement, or worse with a massive logout. There we will have to step back and apologize for this failed test.

Your behavior will decide. Do you dare to delete Insta your smartphone?

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