Gas: a large syringe on a Toulouse pensioner’s account

Gas: a large syringe on a Toulouse pensioner's account

Marie, 68, from Toulouse, did not spend the € 779 bill Engie had asked her for this month in May alone. She got an apology.

The crisis in Ukraine, rising gas prices? If in doubt, energy bills will convince you of the energy bills that are currently coming to users’ mailboxes or e-mails. At her home in the Amidonniers district, 68-year-old Marie of Toulouse still can’t believe it. Needless to say, the wound was brutal. She accidentally found out in her bank account that her supplier Engie had chosen 779.48 euros for a monthly payment in May. “I did not understand anything, he says, I did not receive any warning to warn me of this puncture, which has nothing to do with the usual fees of 139.98 euros. For me, I’m a widow and I live on a small pension, it’s great “…

Water in the gas … shopping center

It is true that Mary is accustomed to these annual adjustments, but this is exaggerated and, above all, has not been the subject of any communication from Engie. However, the supplier claims that he followed the procedures. “After the increase in gas prices on the markets between July and October 2021, we explained to him at the Paris headquarters that we, like our other customers, offered him an increase in monthly payments to mitigate the increase within a few months and prevent major regularization. then with a proposal for monthly payments of EUR 237.97 for the period from November 2021 to April 2022. This proposal was sent to him by e-mail in October. But without his answer, we continued to sample based on the original plan. ” Because! The problem is that Marie’s email address was incorrect. “They noticed that there was a mistake, the missing letter in my name, smiling pensioner. They clearly apologized over the phone and offered me a discount bonus of 50 euros. The fact remains that Marie always has to pay her very real bill one way or another. “Engie told me to contact my bank and ask for the cancellation of the debit of 779 euros,” he said. I was surprised that I did it eight days later, but it worked. Good to know. And we’ll be able to start again with monthly payments adjusted for the increase. “

The customer must always be informed

In short, except for salty slate, everything is normal again, but Maria’s misfortune makes it possible to redefine the sometimes obscure practices of suppliers. In particular on direct debit management. “The contract with the customer is concluded through a SEPA mandate, not for a specific amount,” says Engie. Our general terms and conditions of sale specify that, depending on the balance of the annual invoice, the relevant amount is collected or transferred. At present, in the face of a very sharp rise in energy prices in the markets, it is certain that customers paying monthly are exposed to the risk of significant regularization when issuing annual accounts. ” Engie informs all its customers by e-mail or text message about the necessary banking regulations, always with the user’s consent. “And in any case, customers can request a return to their old monthly payment at any time,” the supplier said. It’s better to say!

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