Google Pixel: A mysterious high-end smartphone appears on Android

Google Pixel: A mysterious high-end smartphone appears on Android

In addition to Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and the first folding Pixel, Google is reportedly working on another high-end smartphone.

Google Pixel 6a // Source: Google

The engineers of the Pixel team have a very busy schedule. During Google I / O, the company unveiled Pixel 6a, as well as the first images of two Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel Watch and even a new tablet. We also know that the Pixel folding is evolving, although its release seems uncertain. We are now discovering references to a new product in the Android source code: another top Google Pixel smartphone.

Mysterious code name

9To5Google provides an update to the various references and code names found in the AOSP source code, version open-source from Android. We’ll find thereC10“a”P10“, Corresponding code designations Pixel 7 Pro”Cheetah»A Pixel 7«PantherNote that the initials of each code name correspond to the product link. The page reveals two additional code names associated with the big cats:Felix“a”linx“, Which they believe is related to the future Pixel 7a and the folding Pixel Notepad version.

From now on, we need to add a new reference: Google “G10“Without knowing the cat’s name used by Google and starting with G. In writing, we’d like to bet on”Geoffroy’s cat», Or Geoffroy’s cat in French.

A smartphone designed for gaming?

The most interesting, these are the specifications smartphone discovered in the source code. It is an Android device using an Exynos or Google Tensor chip and equipped with a 120Hz screen like Pixel 6 Pro, with a resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels and a physical size of only 155 x 75 mm. In other words, it’s not a tablet.

With a code label beginning with G, one is tempted to believe in creating a video game smartphone that would be supported using a 120 Hz screen. A format similar to that of Pixel 6 Pro can make you think of the Z Flip folding style, which will go with the future Notepad, which would have a design similar to Z Fold. However, there is no indication that this is a folding smartphone. Finally, we may be thinking of a new version of Pixel 6 Pro, perhaps designed to reduce production costs in the coming year, when Pixel 7 Pro will be replaced in the display case.

Unable to determine at this time. All we know is that Google is working on a new smartphone with features similar to a top product.

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