Gotham Knights: Batgirl treatment criticized, Warner Bros. responds!

Gotham Knights: Batgirl treatment criticized, Warner Bros. responds!

Game news Gotham Knights: Batgirl treatment criticized, Warner Bros. responds!

While Rocksteady continues to develop Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Warner Bros. is quietly approaching the release of Gotham Knights, which is scheduled for October 25. However, the recent controversy over Barbara Gordon / Batgirl has prompted the studio to react.

In early May, Warner Bros. revealed 15 minutes of playing by the Gotham Knights, all accompanied by a lot of information, including biographers Redhood, Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. The game tried a little to excite the audience, but overall the title is quite expectedespecially because Batman is missing, namely legendary court of owls is a central element of the story.

Disability representation is still a victim of stereotypes

But the studio has recently had to deal with a little controversy, highlighted by fans during a question and answer session. It all has its source in the biography of Batgirl, which in Lore finds himself in a wheelchair due to a spinal injury caused by the Joker. In the biography, Warner Bros. states that the character continue rehabilitation let him “Return to service as Batgirl”.

Gotham Knights: Batgirl treatment criticized, Warner Bros. responds!

The reversal was assessed embarrassing fans who feel it preserves the “super-crip” stereotype.which features characters with disabilities able to overcome their difficulties by doing sosheer willpower and heroic training. This stereotype has existed in literature and creative media for a long time in order to present inspirational characters. Today, the latter is considered obsolete and the inspiration is rather the characters whose rehabilitation, if possible, is on the basis of credible evidence.

Warner Bros. take the topic seriously and respond

allegations that were tvery well received by developerswho admitted their clumsiness. But these last not only edited the biography lähde: Batgirl. Under the instigation of Patrick Redding, the game’s creative director, the teamse are closer to the AbleGamers associationwhich fights against social isolation through video games.

(We’ve worked with great people from AbleGamers to learn more about the different types of spinal injuries that can occur and how someone can regain their mobility. As with many of our characters and plot elements, the circumstances of Barbara’s injuries in many (In Gotham Knights) Barbara had several surgeries – followed by a lot of physiotherapy and pain management.

In the game, things have been framed for a long time because we are expected to be able to follow Barbara’s rehabilitation throughout the adventurewhich will go through the loading animations, or a suit and clothes that will allow him to get less tired while standing.

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