Handball. Brest creates a performance that overthrows Metz in the first round of the women’s league

Handball.  Brest creates a performance that overthrows Metz in the first round of the women's league


60 ’26-24: And it’s over in Brest Arena! BBH won in this first women’s league match. Despite the difficult start of the match, Brestoises managed to return to the break score (14:14) and then advanced in the second half. They could count on 11 interventions by Agathe Quiniou out of 20 and the accuracy of Alicia Toublancova to turn the obtained 7-meter throw.


60 ’26-24: A few seconds before the end of the match, Pablo Morel sets a new break. The goal is definitely to keep Metz at three goals. One small goal could have changed everything in the second match at Metz on May 29.


58 ’26-23: Despite their aggressiveness in defense, the Brestoises collect a goal. But they are doing offensively thanks to Pop Lazic. At the 6-meter mark, the Serbian pivot frees himself from everyone and finds himself alone to get a sublime pass and push the ball into the Messin net.


56 ’24-21: Four minutes after the end of this meeting, BBH keeps its opponent at a distance. Both teams always share three goals thanks to a new throw from 7 meters, which was transformed by Alicia Toublancová.


53 ’23-20: Pop Lazic asks the public to vote. That’s what he does. And it pays off, because Pauline Coatanea has ended her team’s long hold.


51 ’22-20: There are only nine minutes left until the final of the first match and the Brestoises take a short two-goal break. Agathe Quiniou once again launched an attempt in Messina, just before the Pop-Lazic pivot deceived the opponent’s goalkeeper with a millimeter lob.


49 ’21-20: Metz returns to Brest. Brest coach Pablo Morel is trying to react by asking for his second break. Pauline Coatanea and Coralie Lassource are both back on the court after limping for the first or hitting the head for the second.


46 ’20-17: We don’t understand each other in the Arena! The fans give a vote and this pushes the players on the field. Sandra Toft averted a penalty before Constance Mauny scored another goal.


45 ’18-17: It is Pauline Coatanea’s turn. The international wing was hit in the air and landed poorly. She, too, stays on the ground and holds her left knee before limping. Toublanc transforms a seven-meter throw after this foul.


44 ’18-17: Exit Coralie Lassource! Captain Brest was hit in the head by the last possession of the ball. After this impact, he stays on the ground until he leaves the field with his head.


43 ’18-17: Agathe Quiniou is doing two new shows that allow the Brestois to stay ahead. However, Pablo Morel’s players in the attack do not benefit from the efforts of his 21-year-old goalkeeper with 7 interventions in 21 minutes.


42 ’18-16: While the Brestoises were well on their way, mainly due to the 5 interventions of their goalkeeper Agathe Quiniou from 8 attempts, they will develop in numerical inferiority for another two minutes. Pauletta Foppa is penalized for failing to play a free kick.


40 ’18-16: Rest time for Metz. Brestoises have been pushing their game since the beginning of this second period, which worries his opponent, who is forced to take a break to mobilize again.


38 ’18-16: And it continues for Mauny! Thanks to Brest’s great defense, the Messins force their shots and pass them. This benefits Pablo Morel and especially Constance Mauny, who scores a new goal on her wing.


36 ’17-16: BBH in front! Thanks to its wingers, Brest BH moves forward. On the left side first through the Maunas, then on the opposite side with Toublanec. For the first time in this meeting, Brestoises lead in the score, except for the score 1: 0 in the first minutes.


32 ’15-15: First show Quiniou! Substitute goalkeeper for this match Agathe Quiniou performed her first intervention in this match, ten minutes after the start.


31 ’14-14: And it’s again in Brest Arena! This second period is started by Metz. Agathe Quiniou is still in BBH cages in front of Bout du Monde fans.


1 stop

Before continuing the match, a small point for the first half of the Brest goalkeepers in a minute. Sandra Toft, the best player of 2021, reached a very surprising 21 minutes. During this time, she collected 13 goals from Messi’s 14 shots, while Agathe Quiniou, who entered the field at 22 ‘, collected only two, or only one, intervention for the Brest goalkeepers in eight minutes.


30 ’14-14: There is a half time in Brest Arena! Two seconds after the break, Captain Coralie Lassource used her agility to eliminate her face to face and come and recruit the goalkeeper. Shouts of joy and rage spread through the arena. The Brest public is cheering! And Brestoises returns to the locker room by hanging Metz on the scoreboard.


30 ’13-14: First break from the game! While Brest finished this first period better than they started, Pablo Morel took his first break. This is certainly the last possession of Brest in the first 30 minutes.


29 ’13-14: First two minutes for Brest. Two minutes after the break, Eva Jarrigeová, a Brest butler, entered the meeting for the first time. On the next hold, Carlson manages to shoot through two defenders and return to one small goal.


25 ’11-13: 7 meter throw changed! Alicia Toublanc, who is resting on the bench, enters her team’s first penalty. She managed the task brilliantly!


24 ’10-13: Agathe Quiniou, who returned to the game instead of Sandra Toft, scored her first goal a minute later with a 7-meter throw.


20 ’10-11: Brestois is three points behind. In the defense, they use all the small mistakes of their opponents to interrupt them and make them mistakes. And ahead, Loseth and Carlson use their strength and speed to win offensive duels in the last two possessions.


16 ‘7-9: Pablo Morela supports more than 4000 spectators, but he does not succeed. In defense, she endures the precision and success of Zaadi and her teammates. In the offensive, they manage to find space on the wings, but like the Maunas, they compete against Kapitanovič on the last post.


13 ‘7-7: BBH returns to the score. In the pursuit of Messines on the scoreboard since the beginning of the meeting, Brestoises returns to equality through his pivot Pauletta Foppa. However, the latter was not in a good position. But she manages to get away from the two defenders on her to turn to face the goal.


10 ‘6-6: Toft saved it! After 10 minutes of play, the Danish goalkeeper prevailed for the first time. In the attack, Captain Coralie Lassource took advantage of her team’s good rotation and scored Brest’s 6th goal on the left.


8 ‘4-5: Goal Toublanca! While the defense of Brest faced problems at the beginning of the match, this time they pushed Metz’s attack into a foul. In a quick attack, this recovery benefits Alicia Toublancová, who wins 1 against 1 against the opponent’s goalkeeper.


5 ‘2-4: What a shot from Nocandy! The French international center deceives the defense of Brest and Sandra Toft with a perfectly executed shot by the side. The next time she held the ball, she scored her second goal in this match.


3 ‘1-2: Metz responds perfectly to Brest with two goals in two possessions. Burgaard enters the second.


1 ‘1-0: First goal BBH! Carlson allows Brest to score the first goal of the match, which shoots Metz on the wrong foot.


Start at Brest Arena! BBH kicks off this first final against Metz.


50 minutes into the game, Brestoises were on the pitch and began to warm up.


Hello everyone ! Tonight is the grand final of the women’s league between the two best teams of the championship! Brest welcomes Metz in the first stage in front of his 4,000 fans. The Brestoises will then move to the Messina countries on Sunday, May 29. Watch this summit live!

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