Hidetaka Miyazaki reveals her favorite boss in the Elden Ring

Hidetaka Miyazaki reveals her favorite boss in the Elden Ring

It is on the strength of this success that he is famous game designer of Souls, and by the way president of FromSoftware, returned to Xbox Wire Japan regarding game design in a brief interview. In particular, it explains what motivated this new experience of the open world, much less fragmented than previous studio games.

As for the overall design of the game, in addition to the sense of success, the constant concept of Dark Souls and its sequels, I think the focus on a sense of adventure where you can freely face the challenges of a huge world full of unknowns and threats was a determining factor.“The freedom to move freely from one end of the underworld to the other without having to constantly bump into boss or hostile zone, remains indeed one of the main advantages of the latest FromSoftware software, which requires particularly colossal pre-development work.

Fortunately, Director Miyazaki was able to rely on the experience gained in the team when delegating. “As for the actual production, it’s a much bigger game than before, which means that most of the responsibility has been entrusted to people other than me. In other words, the staff to whom I was able to entrust this project has matured, so we decided that the time was right to create this game.“.

If the open world of the Elden Ring seems to be learning from many open worlds stomped in front of him, Miyazaki “Don’t think he and his teams were inspired by any particular game“But of course a few:”As a player, I have experienced many open world games that have become classics, and I have been inspired by each of them. I can name just a few, such as the Elder Scrolls series or even The Witcher 3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also a particularly recent example.

The head of the franchise even affords a few confidence when it comes to design, time to ask a central question bossThe most important points of the adventure: “At the beginning of the map design, especially the large maps, the bosses that appear in the area are carved in stone. Maps are therefore designed based on boss gameplay and boss gameplay is adjusted based on the maps in which they appear.“, He reveals.

And who exactly favors boss of boss ? “It’s very difficult to decide, but I’ll go for Radahn“In connection with the colossus that tortured lost souls in Caelid.”He is a fascinating character and I also really like all the productions related to the Radahn festival. I think we will find these feelings there mixed with celebration and exuberance, but also melancholy, which is specific to everyone.“explains Miyazaki, who adds that no one on the team took this idea seriously when it was first introduced. In terms of adding two more boss on this unofficial stage, game designer he leans towards Godrick and Rykard. And what about Malenia?

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