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After twenty years in Barcelona Lionel Messi has experienced a big change in his life and career. After the termination of the contract with the Catalan club last summer, the 34-year-old striker was not extended and decided to join PSG Find out about your second professional experience. However, Pulga did not live his best season despite relatively honest statistics (11 goals and 14 assists in 34 matches in all competitions). Under the contract until 2023 p PSGwith another elective year, Lionel Messi looked back on his season at Rouge & Bleu in an interview for TyC Sports. He also talked about his adaptation to Paris and his difficulties in returning after the contract Covid-19 in January. Selected snippets.

How does he approach the next season with PSG?

“I think I can reverse the situation. I don’t want to feel like I changed the club and it didn’t work. And like you said, I know this year will be different, I’m ready for what’s to come, I know the club, I know the city, I feel a little more comfortable in the locker room, with my teammates and I know it will be different. »

Whistles from the Parc des Princes

“It was also new for me, it’s a different situation. This never happened to me Barcelona, but rather the opposite. The situation of the people and the anger is understandable because of the players we had, the team we were in and because it happened again the next year, because this is not the first time a similar situation has happened Parisbe excluded from Champions League In this way, anger is understandable. Then whether or not I agree with the whistles against me and no above all, we are the ones who have been highlighted the most. But what, what happened … His children’s reaction after the whistle? I immediately asked my children what they said, if they saw what they thought or what they said, and the truth is, I didn’t like that my family was there and heard people whistling at me. They didn’t tell me anything, they let it be. They didn’t understand anything because they didn’t even know why. I know they felt something. »

His view of Real Madrid / PSG

“We were really looking forward to this competition and given the way the match went, the result is a blow. I’ve been there many years, my whole life and I know how to do it real Madrid. And I knew it could happen during the game because they could score a goal out of nowhere and it would automatically change the game. I also knew that on this pitch, the first 15, 20 minutes, it’s all up to you. And if that happens, the game will change. I knew it could happen and it happened to us and all the teams you mentioned (Chelsea, City and Liverpool) and this is not the first time this has happened. »

His trouble after contracting Covid-19

“The truth is, it hit me really hard.” Symptoms very similar to most people. Lots of cough, sore throat, fever. But it left scars. It left a lot of scars on my lungs. I couldn’t train. I came back and spent a month and a half when I couldn’t even run because it affected my lungs. I wasn’t scared, but hey, I heard so many things, I couldn’t take it back. I even resumed ahead of schedule and it was worse. I didn’t keep it. I wanted to run, train, get back to it as soon as possible. And in the end it got worse. And when I felt a little better, it was real Madrid and it killed us. »

His transition from FC Barcelona to PSG

“I also had to get used to the way I played because I was used to playing one way all my life. When you come somewhere where it’s not the same, you play differently, you see football differently, with new teammates. On BarcelonaI played with my teammates for many years and they knew me by heart. This was all new to me. In addition, I started the league late because I got to the club late, then I had a knock on my knee that stopped me for a while and I couldn’t start between that and the other. I couldn’t play three or four consecutive matches. The holidays have come and I said to myself ‘well, after them, I’m starting a new year, I’ll come back with all the batteries, I’ll change, the adaptation is over’ and then Covid hit me. »

Adaptation of his family to Paris

“Fortunately, the children’s adaptation was spectacular. We have always been afraid that children will find it difficult to accept change. But it was quite the opposite. It was very easy, they adapted very quickly to school, to friends, to everyday life. It was more complicated for us and Antonella. I remember the first day we took them to school, it was terrible. We both left crying and wondering what we were doing here, what had happened. We didn’t understand anything. But the truth is, all three of my children were phenomenal. »

His atypical season 2021-2022

“The truth is, it’s something I never imagined.” Everything that happened after Copa America, the joy I had after fighting for her for so long that after many sad years I did something with the national team, experienced hard times, lost the finals. Today everything changed, it was a different summer, where happiness was complete and where I planned that everything would continue as the year before. BarcelonaLike my whole life, right? And in the middle, everything happened and it was hard, it was a hard change, a hard year, to be honest, because it wasn’t easy to adapt. »

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