Hob Essential B ETVI 35: the most necessary, but nothing more …

Hob Essential B ETVI 35: the most necessary, but nothing more ...

If Essentiel B did not consider it appropriate to invest its money in enriching the functionality of its ETVI 35 board, it was certainly not the design office that benefited from the savings thus achieved; black glass, white screen printing… We are on famous soil.

The areas on which the dishes are placed are symbolized by crosses, often less practical than discs or circles. On discreetness, you gain what you lose in accuracy, and it’s often difficult to position containers correctly, even if you gradually get used to it.

Good point, the size of the crosses also indicates the power of the inductors. The larger they are, the more powerful the lights. At first glance, we know where to place an impressive family casserole or, conversely, a fine copper boat for sauce (of course, equipped with a bottom compatible with induction).

There are exactly three fireplaces. The largest, on the left, measures 28 cm in diameter and reaches a maximum power (in boost mode) of 3600 W, if we are to believe the manual. At the rear right, the medium fire diameter is 18 cm for a maximum output of 2000 W. Finally, the smallest fire (14.5 cm) is also the least powerful, as it develops only 1600 W when the boost mode is activated. In short, the ETVI 35 hob shows a certain versatility due to the cooking zones, which differ considerably. This is not always the case; we especially remember the Miogo MHI601SH SmartHood and its four identical fireplaces.

Each inductor has its own pair of “plus” and “minus” keys, which necessarily simplifies use. No need to choose a fireplace before setting the power, real comfort. We are a little sorry that Essential B offers only nine levels. It is true that this will be more than enough for everyday use, but chefs who would like to go a little further will regret not having enough delicacy in choosing the temperatures inside the dishes.

Setting the timer, on the other hand, requires selecting the cooking zone you want to set by touching the corresponding “plus” or “minus” buttons; until then, nothing insurmountable. On the other hand, the ETVI 35 board can’t handle more than one stopwatch. Once again, if novice users don’t find much to complain about, the cordons-bleus may be gray.

The additional functions of Essential B ETVI 35 simply do not exist. The only small “bonus” lies in the presence of a key decorated with a key, which allows you to block the use of the device to clean it without suffering multiple beeps (in addition, very annoying) signaling the activation of the touch, in particular. This control lock also prevents stray hands from disturbing the plate during long cooking.

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