Holger Rune, another little miracle we didn’t see coming

Holger Rune, another little miracle we didn't see coming

And Roland Garros,

Stefanos Tsitsipas probably broke the record at Roland this Monday: the fastest arrival in conf in history after the match. His executioner in the round of 16, a young Holger Rune, was still on the court, putting off rockets that the Greek had already announced on his way to the press room. This is the frustration of the world number four, last year’s finalist Porte d’Auteuil, who obviously hoped for something other than this premature departure from the road.

But Tsitsipas fell on a small miracle child crashing like a plane on a large circuit. Holger Rune, 19, and an angelic face you really shouldn’t believe. At the beginning of last year, he was in 450th place in the world rankings, he will soon be in the top 20 and the quarter-finalist of the grand slam in only the third participation in the big tournament. So another little genius would be hiding in Carlos Alcaraz’s shadow.

For a little over three hours on the central court, the Dane drove his opponent crazy with his great passes and laser backhands. Above all, it took on all the important moments, despite the body language that indicated the impending implosion. “He plays with a lot of emotions, which makes him a very unique opponent,” Tsitsipas said after the match. There always seems to be something bothering him while playing. It’s weird, it’s something you don’t often see. But suddenly he starts playing fantastically. »

It really is one of the qualities of a good person. But according to the mother who confided in her, she takes care of herself Team this monday morning. “You learn tennis hard, on the court. Alone, ”recalled Aneke Rune, who watches her son in all his tournaments. The latter carries with it a lot of self-confidence. “If I play my game, I think I can beat almost anyone on the circuit,” he said during the debate.

Federer’s model

Dan doesn’t set any limits, and when we’ve just released Tsitsipas, the prospect of facing Casper Ruud on the way to the semifinals won’t be scary. “The fight will be tough, but I have every chance,” believes the young man who danced with Zverev at his home in Munich in April. Ever since he started kicking the ball, at just 7 years old, he sees himself no less than the world number one.

His mother tells this anecdote, which tells everything about his character. In his first tournament, little Holger finished second. A tragedy he suffered very hard. “When he got home, he tore down all of Nadal’s posters in his room.” Nadal was number 2 at the time. And Holger told us, ” I’ve been a Roger Federer fan ever since! ” The Swiss also had his small mood swings when he reached the big boys. We saw what happened when he learned to direct his energy.

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