How to protect against mosquitoes? Natural ways to avoid mosquitoes

How to protect against mosquitoes?  Natural ways to avoid mosquitoes

In the summer months, mosquito bites come to the fore due to the need to feed blood during the diet of female mosquitoes. Under normal circumstances, male and female mosquitoes can obtain the energy their body needs from the natural environment. However, they provide the blood with the necessary proteins in the process of ovulation.

Initially a loud sound, then a itching sensation in a part of the body can naturally disturb most citizens. However, there are also natural ways to avoid or minimize this negative situation.

Many methods, such as taking more vitamins into your body, wearing light clothing and using the scent of lavender, can help you get rid of mosquitoes. Here are the natural methods of mosquito protection that cause discomfort in the summer months …


Mosquitoes, also known as blood-sucking pests of the Culicidae family, can only be driven away by their scent. Among the scents that these creatures hate are lavender; orange, lemon, sage, marigold, cloves, eucalyptus, laurel, basil, garlic, onion, vinegar and rosemary.


Mosquitoes, known for their dark color, can mistake dark clothes or a dark floor for their living space. In such cases, a mosquito bite will be inevitable. You can reduce mosquito bites to some extent by choosing clothes. Experts recommend choosing light-colored clothing for this situation.


Mosquitoes avoid contact with the human body with a strong immune system. An example is a body equipped with vitamins B and C.

orange crate

Water-soluble vitamins B and C reduce sweating and indirectly strengthen the immune system. Foods like fish, beans, lentils, yogurt, cereals, oranges, tangerines and grapefruit are rich in vitamins B and C.

PEAR PLANTS: BASIL, cloves, basil

According to industry experts, some potted plants can cause mosquitoes to move away from the environment.

basil plant

These herbs include basil, basil and cloves. Thanks to their scent and structure, all three plants can successfully repel mosquitoes. You can minimize mosquito bites by placing any of these plants in pots in your room.


One effective way to prevent mosquito bites is to emphasize personal hygiene. A person who is sweaty, greasy and foul-smelling can be a clear target of mosquito attacks. For this reason, we talked about consuming vitamins that reduce sweating. These invasions can be reduced by daily cleaning of sweat, oil and unpleasant odors.


Everyone produces carbon dioxide during the day. But for some people, this production is more. Etymology specialist Professor Dr. Jonathan F. Day of the University of Florida said carbon dioxide production is an important feature.

carbon dioxide sign

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the academic stressed that carbon dioxide production makes people more attractive to mosquitoes.

Research has shown that excessive carbon dioxide production in pregnant women and individuals with rapid metabolism. An adult mosquito smells of carbon dioxide at a distance of 60 meters.

WHY do mosquitoes bite PEOPLE?

Female mosquitoes in the breeding phase consume blood during the diet. For this reason, mosquitoes are a frequent target of mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes, which need a lot of protein during the ovulation phase, satisfy this need from human blood.

mosquito bite

The main reason people are bitten by mosquitoes is the amount of protein in their blood. Experts report that people with blood group “0” are bitten more than people with other blood groups. Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, do not tend to bite like female mosquitoes. Men can get the energy their body needs from the natural environment.

HOW DOES mosquito itching arise?

Another point that bothers people about mosquito bites is the tendency to scratch after the bite process. In fact, this phase of itching is entirely human-caused. It can be said that the mosquito is only a trigger.

As female mosquitoes suck blood from the cell, they inject their own secretions into the area. The human body is naturally aware that a foreign substance has entered the body and is producing histamine. Histamine produced by the immune system is sent to the area to fight foreign substances. But this secretion, inflammation in the region; causes swelling and itching.

When a female mosquito sucks blood

It is perfectly normal for a person with a strong immune system to produce histamine. Because female mosquitoes can often infect the human body. These diseases include febrile illnesses, malaria and fever. Histamine secretion also primarily fights with foreign substances so that the body does not get sick or fall further.


The feeling of itching, which occurs as a result of a mosquito bite, disappears within 1-2 days in a healthy body. But not everyone has a strong immune system. It has been found that the effects of itching in immune systems that are not strong last for several days.


You can use antihistamine creams and anti-itch ointments from pharmacies. Mosquito bites cause inflammation in the body, although rare; can cause allergies and shortness of breath. In such urgent cases, it is recommended to contact the nearest hospital.


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