Ikea wants to make your home a connected home

Ikea veut faire de votre foyer une maison connectée

Hardware news Ikea wants to make your home a connected home

As more and more connected items entered our homes, it became clear that the furniture giant was on board. The famous Ikea store chain already offers various connected items to simplify everyday life. Today, the brand has decided to make everything significantly accessible by implementing a simpler and more accessible application.

The new international standard for connected households will be compatible with Ikea

She is not very well known, but she will soon come to change everything. The standard called “Matter” aims to standardize compatibility between connected home devices so that they work together regardless of the manufacturer.

Take the example of Apple, which uses its own Home Kit system. With Matter, it will be possible to use a connected HomeKit-compatible object with any other device of another brand and other ecosystem, such as Google or Samsung. This ended the galleys of limited interactivity.

The arrival of this standard is scheduled for October 2022, and is the result of a partnership between almost all major players in the market such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Ikea.

Easier connected household for everyone

In 2014, Ikea released an application to manage various connected objects distributed in their stores.

By adapting to this new international standard Ikea invites us to discover their Smart Home Ikea application, to instinctively use their new connected hub called DIRIGERA.

In addition, the Swedish brand wants to integrate functionality that will allow you to direct your connected objects wherever you are, starting in the first half of 2023.

Ikea has already announced that DIRIGERA will be able to join all your new smart objects.

Having a few connected items, such as a speaker, lamp, or refrigerator, can make life easier. But if they have trouble working together, then you lose a little interest. Therefore, the goal is to merge them all into one standard.

For those who already have connected objects compatible with Tradfri, the current center of Ikea, do not panic. The DIRIGERA hub will work with all existing devices.

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