In the face of inflation, the search for loyalty to the supermarket

In the face of inflation, the search for loyalty to the supermarket

The cart is lighter than usual, hesitation takes longer to pick up the product, sharper view when looking for an event or a bargain. Inflation is hitting France hard and can be felt especially in supermarkets. “When you go shopping, you notice the problem and how crazy the cost of living has become,” says Thibaut, a young man in his thirties in Paris at Carrefour in the 9th arrondissement. According to INSEE, price growth reached 4.8% in April, including 3.8% in the food sector. Some products are particularly affected: according to IRI (Information Resources, Inc.), the price of pasta rose by 15.31%, mustard by 9.26%, 9.98%, flour by 10.93% and frozen between April 2021 and April 2022. mass by 11.34%.

Also according to INSEE, household consumption fell “significantly” in March, by 1.3%. “This is mainly due to a decrease in food consumption (-2.5%),” said the National Statistical Institute. Thibaut can confirm this: “Meat or fresh fruit are limited. Too expensive for what they eat.

Loyalty operations

Sébastien Corrado, CEO of Casino Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, refuses to be fatalistic: “Our mission, as a major brand, is to best support our customers and help them maintain their ability to shop.” Casino, Carrefour, Lidl… large retailers proliferate initiatives. For example, the casino has always launched a series of measures, “buying energy”. Among them is a Casino Max subscription for 45 euros per year until the end of June (90 euros thereafter). It offers a 10% discount on all products. All fruits and vegetables are 1 euro per kilo on Thursdays and Fridays, and the difference from the “real” price is paid in vouchers in shops.

The operation has a double advantage: to increase the purchasing power of customers and to retain them. “In times of inflation, our priority is to support our customers even more and satisfy them on a daily basis while controlling their purchasing budget. This is a win-win situation,” explains Sébastien Corrado. According to the director, 200,000 customers have already been convinced of the subscription, who adds: “When buyers take our subscriptions with us, it builds their loyalty and they buy more in our stores.” Therefore, increase your purchasing power so that you can enjoy it at home.

frivolous customers

Because in times of inflation, the customer is unfaithful, because in finding the best prices for each product, informs an article in the New York Times. A custom confirmed by psychologist Johanne of Montpellier: “I go to Franprix for fresh and organic food. First prize products, I buy them for the Leader price. Frozen, in Carrefour. It’s quite a program and a lot of time. But time saves money. “

That is, especially compensation with a voucher, which “forces” the customer to buy the rest in the relevant store. The option Leclerc chose in his “anti-inflation shield” operation, which began on May 4. “Systematic compensation in vouchers” will be offered to customers in the event of a price increase for 120 products among the “most purchased every day in E. Leclerc centers”, the brand states. The measure is valid until 31 July.

Support consumption at home

Carrefour offers two subscriptions: the first, “Carrefour + daily”, with a monthly cost of 5.99 euros and offers up to a 15% discount on more than 7,000 Carrefour products. Then “Carrefour + fresh market” for 7.99 euros per month and allows a maximum discount of 15% on all fresh products.

Subscriptions that increase customer purchases. Casino Max subscriptions become profitable from 50 euros per month spent on the store (and 100 once the subscription returns to 90 euros per year). “Carrefour + daily” is profitable from 40 euros for the purchase of eligible products and “Carrefour + fresh market” from 64 euros for the purchase.

Michel Biero, Lidl’s Purchasing Director, says nothing else: “The idea of ​​the card is to build customer loyalty and to go shopping with us rather than others.” Lidl offers the Lidl + card application free of charge and for download to all smartphones. It allows you to take advantage of a 5% discount on all your races once a month. “The customer doesn’t just use it to buy a package of water,” jokes Michel Biero. He will make many purchases to get the most out of the reduction. »

Government instruction

The initiatives come directly from above, as Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire convened large businessmen “to ask him for French support in the fight against inflation,” says Michel Biero. So, if not all operations are profitable for a sign, the cause goes beyond. The players in the large distribution company “gained a lot – a lot, a lot – in 2020 they were extremely busy with closed restaurants, so today they can admit a little reserve,” confirmed Christiane Lambert, head of the Federation. Farmers’ Associations Association (FNSEA) at BFMTV. It is true that it is difficult for them, but they have the means. »

Johanne doesn’t care if it’s pure philanthropy, customer loyalty or government regulations: “every reduction counts and it’s good to accept it at this time.” Although even here, “sorting between all the offers is becoming more and more complicated. Like what, in times of inflation, there is no miracle solution.

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