Introducing the DeLorean Alpha5, the electrical rebirth of the legendary DMC-12

DeLorean Jantes

Almost forty years after the release of the original DeLorean, he is to see the light of day reviving the legendary car from Back to the Future. Here are the first images of the long-awaited DeLorean Alpha5.

Future DeLorean Alpha5 // Source: DeLorean

We’ve told you about this a few times, and the revelation began with great pomp yesterday on the DeLorean website, where we can find the first renditions of the DMC-12 reissue in the electric version, respond to Alpha5 name (named Evolv in previous manufacturer’s announcements). If he uses the codes of the legendary version we know from the saga Back to the futurehas been able to customize and offer a more modern design, as you will see below.

The rebirth of the legend

Despite the very low success of the original DeLorean in terms of sales volume (around 9,000 copies were produced in the early 1980s), it is an integral part of pop culture and its atypical design is not indifferent to the vast majority of the population. .

DeLorean Exterior 3
Future DeLorean Alpha5 // Source: DeLorean

When the DeLorean brand announced last February that it wanted to revive the electric version of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, a lot of ink leaked out and many fans wanted to know more about the company’s future race car.

DeLorean Aplha5
Source: DeLorean

With technical features that will not disappoint (Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds and range of almost 500 kilometers in the basic model), only one thing was missing to get into the mouths of DeLorean fans: the final design of the car.

The DeLorean Alpha5 is unveiled in these few films before being presented to the general public next August at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

DeLorean interior 2
The door of the future DeLorean Alpha5 // Source: DeLorean

Thanks to the visuals made available today, we are learning that electric sedan will have 4 seats, but there will be only one butterfly-opening door on each side, as was the case with the DMC-12. So the width of the hole is gigantic, as you can see.

The interior, meanwhile, seems quite in line with time, with the screen behind the wheel and another, smaller, level console center. We’ll probably find out more when the prototype is unveiled on August 18, where the lucky ones are likely to take their place aboard this DeLorean Alpha5, which should be offered from $ 175,000 according to IGN.

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