Iodine consumption exploded during the pandemic, increasing thyroid poisoning

Iodine consumption exploded during the pandemic, increasing thyroid poisoning

Striking revelation at the European Congress of Endocrinology in Italy … Supportive products such as iodine, vitamin D and selenium, which are used uncontrollably to protect against corona during pandemics, have been reported to cause thyroid poisoning.

At the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE 2022), which took place last week in Milan, Italy and was attended by almost 4,000 experts in metabolic diseases and endocrinology from almost 100 countries, there are sessions to highlight the negative effects of vitamin supplements, which are used uncontrollably during a pandemic period, have been discussed in the body.


Intensive use of mineral and vitamin supplements, such as vitamin D, selenium and iodine, without medical supervision, to maintain strong immunity and relieve the corona.

Member of the European Society of Endocrinology Prof. Dr. Okan Bülent Yıldız pointed out that due to excessive use of iodine, cases of toxic goiter are increasing in our country. prof. Dr. Yıldız noted that vitamin D, which is used in high doses with the recommendation of a friend and without a doctor’s check without finding a deficiency, causes damage to the heart and kidneys and iodine of the thyroid gland, leading to an increase in toxic goiter:


Too few or too many hormones in our body cause health problems. In order for hormones to be at the levels we require, the minerals used in their production must also be present in the ratio we require.

– Good iodine is one of the most important minerals taken from the outside. Iodine is involved in the production of thyroid hormone. However, an important issue we experienced during the pandemic was the uncontrolled use of trace elements to protect against Covid-19 infection.

– Iodine use has also increased uncontrollably. So much so that the high intake of iodine from the outside began to return to us as an increase in thyroid disease, not as protection against the corona. Hyperthyroidism, an increase in thyroid hormones in the blood or toxic goiter, is the main problem caused by taking high doses of iodine from the outside.

– High levels of iodine can cause our body to accept the thyroid gland as foreign tissue and, by causing damage to the thyroid gland, can also cause the thyroid gland, which we call hypothyroidism, to do less. (DHA)

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