iOS 16: this option could arrive in Apple ten years after Android

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Apple is about to introduce a brand new version of its operating system for the iPhone: iOS 16.

It’s always hard to know what Apple plans to announce as new to its operating systems a few days before WWDC begins. This major annual conference provides a place of honor for developers and various Apple teams following each other on the Steve Jobs Theater Stage (at least that’s before Covid) to unveil new versions of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, which they will install in a few months on – almost – all still working Apple phones.

But while this year’s conference is scheduled for next Monday, June 6, 2022, there are first rumors of possible features that Apple might introduce. While it is clear that all this information should be taken with a grain of salt, this is a good indication of Apple’s areas of activity.

Apple is planning big changes for iOS 16

A position announced by rumors but not arriving on June 6 would not be dead in its infancy. This may be the case for the “always on screen” option, which can be translated into French as “always on screen”. According to the always well-informed Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, this feature could also reach our iOS iPhones 16.

More generally, Gurman expects Apple to shake our habits in the coming weeks. The Cupertine company was able to set up a completely new way of using its phone, especially on the lock screen. Since the advent of iOS 14 and widgets on the home screen, this customization option – unprecedented in Apple’s history – has caused a stir and has attracted a public that is very happy to have a phone other than his own. neighbor, at least at first glance.

Widgets everywhere, even on the lock screen

Based on this success, Apple could deviate from its doctrine by giving users a little more flexibility, in a way that has been done on Android for years. Gurman explains that Apple could offer Widgets on the lock screen, which is the first for Apple.

The Apple brand would also be able to provide new notification functionality. Gurman explains that Apple was already working on this solution for the iPhone 13 Pro, but the California company eventually changed its plans. So it will be the iPhone 14 Pro that should benefit from this new technology, able to display one or more notifications without waking up the entire screen.

A feature that could be a real plus when it comes to phone autonomy, a key point for more and more users.

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