Kidney transplant already grafted: “The kidney can live well for 90 years,” says the doctor

Kidney transplant already grafted: "The kidney can live well for 90 years," says the doctor

“We are very pleased to have removed the patient from the waiting list”, rejoices on Thursday, May 26 at franceinfo urologist François Gaudez. He is part of a team at the Saint-Louis AP-HP Hospital (Public Assistance for Paris Hospitals), which performed a kidney transplant that had been grafted on to the first patient ten years ago. According to him, “kidney can easily live to 80 or even 90 years” but this “performance” should stay “phenomenon”. “Unfortunately, retransplantations will not represent a colossal number of specimens.”

franceinfo: is the kidney transplanted ad infinitum?

Francois Gaudez: No, our kidneys have a limited lifespan because we also cannot live to be 200 years old, but it is estimated that the kidneys can easily live to be 80 or even 90 years old. The situation was exceptional here. The kidneys are usually taken from patients with cerebral death who have never been transplanted. This time we had a donor who died after cardiac arrest and who had a perfectly functioning kidney transplant. We felt we could take it back and transplant it to a third party.

Can this graft reuse be a solution to the lack of organ donation?

It’s more of a performance that we did. I think it will remain an epiphenomenon. You can wait up to seven or eight years for the kidney, depending on your blood type.

“We are very pleased to have removed the patient from this waiting list because it is always a procedure, but unfortunately the retransplantation of organs that have already been transplanted for the first time will not represent a colossal number of samples.

François Gaudez, urologist from Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris

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Are there any problems re-transplanting a graft that has already been used?

Absolutely. Removing an already transplanted organ is technically much more difficult. Very schematically, the graft is fused with the recipient’s body. Obtaining it therefore requires a very special surgical technique to prevent its damage. In addition, the graft is a vascularized organ with an artery and vein. These are very fragile elements and their autopsy is very sensitive. There we were lucky to be able to pick him up again without damaging him. It was perfectly functional, anatomically perfect, and in a few days it was possible to transplant him again to a new recipient. The operation was very easy.

Are kidney transplants common in France?

It is a perfectly codified operation because we do 3,500 a year in France and the results are very good. So we know in advance that it will work. Today, it is carried out by perfectly trained and trained teams. Kidney transplantation works perfectly well.

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