Klopp: “Real Madrid is not invincible and will one day lose the final”

Klopp: "Real Madrid is not invincible and will one day lose the final"

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp addresses the press after the Champions League final against Real Madrid. Second.

Game : “It was a tough match. Both teams had to fight a lot after a challenging season. We had more chances, but Real Madrid scored and it was after the match. It was very even. We had a lot of chances, we played well, but we know what value have statistics I don’t know who was the man of the match … I think Thibaut Courtois. You also need a little luck and I think we had 23 chances and a lot of them were goals Real scored a goal and that was enough. Good job Real Madrid. “

Polite: “Yes, he was instrumental. Tonight was spectacular and also on the return of Real Madrid. Congratulations. He showed 3 incredible interventions. Win a match with such a strong opponent … They beat City, Chelsea too …”

Lack of intensity? “We had a chance and it has nothing to do with intensity or physical level. Courtois performed an impressive intervention. I believe Real scored on goal and it was a goal. I understand and respect the reason why we play the Champions League.” to win it. What is stated in the rules is correct. We played well, but when we lost 1-0, it was not enough. I told the boys that I am proud of them, I know they will need some time to lose City were one point better than us, Real Madrid goal … This group is very competitive and we will come back stronger. “

JIt is not enough to hear perfectly to defeat Real “It doesn’t matter if another team could have won against Real tonight. Because Real made it to the finals and so did Real. Real has a lot of experience. He has the most successful manager in European football. In an even match, it’s very important for them.” we had a lot more shots on goal. But the most important thing is to take a chance. I remember the great interventions from Courtois. We could create more chances, but that has nothing to do with Real deserving the Champions League. Don’t think Real is invincible. One day he will lose the final, but this time it didn’t happen and Real doesn’t care. ”

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