LdC: Clément Turpin superstar, OL and OM laugh in yellow

LdC: Clément Turpin superstar, OL and OM laugh in yellow

Clément Turpin will decide the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Stade de France this Saturday. Consecration for an official has sometimes been condemned in France.

The Champions League final, originally scheduled for St. Petersburg, will eventually take place in Paris due to the war in Ukraine. The Stade de France is therefore preparing to hold a major event this end of the season, where France will be honored as Clément Turpin will lead the debate. The native judge from Oulins is the French number one and now has solid experience at the highest level. This summons is therefore the holy grail of his career for the moment, although inevitably, critics in France are furious. In any case, his style and his decision persuaded UEFA to entrust him with this responsibility.

OL and OM don’t like him

Le Parisien looked at Clément Turpin’s writings, which can sometimes reveal an excess of authority, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like players. “ For me, he is one of our best judges. He often tells me, ‘If you don’t come with your hands up and gesturing, we can talk.’ Frankly, I respect him, I find that he is often good and makes few errors of judgment, even if it happens to him like everyone else and sometimes to our detriment. He is worthy of Ligue 1 and is entitled to decide the C1 final “AS Saint-Etienne striker Denis Bouanga said, who knows that on OL as well as OM, having Clement Turpin on the whistle is often condemned by fans.” And not only them. At a press conference during his visit to Marseille, André Villas-Boas gave him a few details, while Jean-Michel Aulas no longer hesitated to scratch him when he had the chance.

Nevertheless, his presence during this European final allows the French judges to finally bend their chest after gloomier years. “France now has three elite UEFA judges, the highest in Europe, Clément Turpin, Benoît Bastien and François Letexier. That’s unheard of, “said Pascal Garibian recently, who soon moved Clément Turpin to the top of the stage in France, with a big reward at the end a few years later.

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