Leinster – La Rochelle Rugby LIVE: The Rochelais are too penalized… Watch the meeting with us

Leinster - La Rochelle Rugby LIVE: The Rochelais are too penalized… Watch the meeting with us

44 : After discussions with colleagues during the half, many consider referee Wayne Barnes to be stricter on Yellow and Black than on Leinster.

41 .: And the first penalty for La Rochelle. West will turn her. 2/2 for striker Rochelais!

40 .: It’s here again, the ball to Rochelais.

40 .: It’s changed and the referee whistles for half.

40 : New penalty against Rochelais. It’s 8. Sexton is getting ready again.

39 : Lots of broken scrums. Concentrate guys.

39 : What pressure from the Irish on Rochelais, forced to settle in their own area.

37 : The ball is returned to Leinster after another scrum foul.

36 : The Vélodrome stadium is pushing the Rochelais, they have a scrum very close to the Irish test area.

35 ‘: Oh no, another badly passing pass from the player from La Rochelle when he tried to make a strong attempt. Such waste.

33 : The ball is often in the hands of Maritimes, but Leinster is hard to get around.

31 : Another opportunity wasted by Rochelais after a new breakthrough from Rhule. The ball is returned to Leinster.

30 : Ronan O’Gary’s men have a lot of influence.

28 ‘: The attempt to fall completely missed Sexton. He doesn’t look like him and they’re whistling at him in the stadium.

27 : Very good defense of La Rochelle after the Irish scrum. It wasn’t far to burst, but in the end they held out!

22 .: And Ir transformed it again and Leinster regains the advantage!

20 .: And a new penalty for Sexton, be careful not to make too many mistakes and stupidly not give points to the Irish.

19 : Excellent intervention by the Rochelais, who could go to register a new test, but the judge returns to Leinster’s mistake.

17 : Rochelais is doing very well in her scrum. But they need to improve a bit in the game.

15 : Already a change for Leinster, Kelleher is replaced by Sheehan.

14 : The Rochelais settle quietly in the Irish camp.

11 .: It is West who takes control of the transformation and passes! 6-7 for La Rochelle. This transformation will give them confidence.

9 .: Test at La Rochelle! A spectacular breakthrough from Rhule from left to Irish defense and going! Very nice response, it was necessary.

8: Johnny Sexton easily transforms her! 2/2 for him.

8 : And a new punishment for Sexton! Even closer.

7 : The Irish are moving forward very fast, the Maritimes are defeated on all sides.

6 : Another foul by La Rochelle who already allows Leinster to get the ball back. You better use it!

5 .: Sexton is successful, 3-0 for Leinster!

4 : The first penalty for Leinster, the whole axis.

2 : The Irish are already very dangerous in the 25-meter Rochelais, emerging as best they can.

1 .: The great physical impact of Leinster, who is putting insane pressure on yellow and white today.

1st: The excavation is given by Leinster.

17:43 : Players get on the lawn of the Vélodrome stadium in a great atmosphere!

17:42 : And the ogres from Leinster.

17:40 : Team La Rochelle for this final.

17:38 : Well, I’m more used to living from the heroism of Payet and his friends from OM, so be forgiving about this game!

17:35 : Lots of yellow flags at the Vélodrome stadium when the La Rochelle players are announced!

17:32 : Come on, let’s watch this European Rugby Cup final together. Great atmosphere in Marseille since the beginning of the weekend with all these rugby fans from all over Europe. The weather is nice, warm and the beer is flowing.

Hello everyone and welcome to 20 minutes of watching this European Rugby Cup final among etauLes Rochelais, which is far from popular, but must avert destiny so as not to lose the fourth final in a row. Will the shooters finally make this event? Ronan O’Gara’s men will have to do without their All Blacks Tawer Kerr-Barlow and Victor Vita, but they can count on their Australian colossus Will Skelton to be there. The Irish will be almost complete. Not only Jordan Larmour is present on the results list.

>> See you around 17:30 while watching this European Cup final under the Marseille sun

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