Liverpool-Real Madrid: How the problem with fake tickets partially derailed in the evening

Liverpool-Real Madrid: How the problem with fake tickets partially derailed in the evening

The Stade de France security system was overwhelmed this Saturday, during the Champions League final, especially by many people with counterfeit tickets who forced their way into the Dionysian enclosure.

Fake bills for a real fiasco. The final of the Champions League, which took place this Saturday at the Stade de France, was marked by numerous overruns. The start of the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool was delayed by 35 minutes due to incidents outside the corral, where supporters forced a passage, although many of them did not have the rare sesame to take part in the match. Residents also took advantage of the situation to step into the breakthrough.

The situation collapsed shortly before 8:00 p.m., when many individuals, both locals and Liverpool supporters, climbed through the gates, according to the pictures circulating on the site, 3,000 to about 4,000 people. They managed to push through a bottleneck at the level of the first filter, which allows access to the Stade de France.

When the turnstiles come off the tracks

The stunned security forces released a crowd that mixed people with tickets, others who did not, but also individuals with counterfeit tickets, some of whom were there to disturb “public order.”

At the level of the second screening, the turnstiles stopped working due to multiple scanned banknote counterfeits, which led to malfunctions. In a press release released Saturday night, Paris police headquarters said that “many supporters without match tickets or holders of counterfeit tickets have violated access to the Stade de France at the level of the external security perimeter.” A person holding fifty counterfeit notes was even arrested. An English fan informed the BBC about problems with access to the enclosure. His ticket, a priori valid, did not pass the turnstile. The supporter in question tried three times, in vain.

“Before the match, the gates on the side of Liverpool were blocked by thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that did not work at the turnstiles,” UEFA confirmed. This created a pile of supporters trying to get inside. As a result, the kick-off was delayed by 35 minutes so that as many fans with original tickets as possible could get to the stadium. “

The supporters who had the opportunity to return were not over with a surprise. Unfortunately, some of them have found that their seats are already occupied by counterfeit ticket holders.

Minutes after the kick-off, when many Liverpool fans were still stuck outside, UEFA has decided to postpone the matches. But the fans did not advance in front of the courtyard, with huge problems with filtering and many people continuing to climb. The game was postponed for the second time for a second time, so the players started the final 35 minutes late in this match.

Required investigations and sanctions

But if the kick-off was delayed, some fans, who still had real tickets, would not be able to enter the Stade de France, which was blocked at the gates. They had to wait until halfway to enter. The Liverpool club has indicated that it is requesting an investigation after this sad evening. The British ambassador to France also demanded that UEFA investigate and “find out the facts.” 68 people were arrested on the sidelines of this final. A total of 70,000 English fans traveled to Paris for this final, and 20,000 of them were at the Stade de France.

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