Liverpool v Real Madrid: Golden Ball match for Karim Benzem

Liverpool v Real Madrid: Golden Ball match for Karim Benzem

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Leagues and Champions League, has a shovel. Of course, Karim Benzema will do his best to pick up a cup with big ears on Saturday night, especially if you know the guy’s character, not necessarily focused on the glitter or the individual side and very focused on the team. But there is no doubt that deep down he is necessarily thinking a little about this Golden Ball, which is reaching him more than ever. The whole of Madrid is pushing to be sacred even in the event of defeat by Merengues, who is the idol of Bernabéu since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is no better player in the world than he is at the moment, many of Madrid’s fans think we can talk to them every day. Even players or fans of other teams, such as Luis Suarez, agree that they deserve it. “A golden ball for Benzem? Yes for this season “, thus launched the Uruguayan striker, which, however, has so far developed with the rival Colchoner and who is the legend of the enemy of Barcelona. His teammate Vinicius Jr. said this during Real Madrid’s media day “Its time to win the Golden Ball has come”. A kind of national unanimity, which is also explained by the fact that there is currently no other serious candidate in Barcelona in the absence of Messi.

No real rival

In the rest of the old continent, we think of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, who, if they performed well in this clash at the top, could also say theirs. However, these two men did not win their championship and their statistical record is lower than that of the French, which remains logical given their different position on the ground. One thing is for sure, the performances of the Senegalese and Egyptian are also worthy of a potential Golden Ball, and the coronation of Benzema would not be a win-win at all. The name of Kylian Mbappý is also often mentioned, but he is deprived of a great chance of winning by a rather poor Parisian European odds.

Benzema has the opportunity to add icing on the cake of a monstrous European career, scoring 44 goals in the Madrid jersey this season, having achieved 15 successes on the continental scene. In the event of a goal in this final, he would become the second best scorer in the history of the club himself, who is indecisive with Raul Gonzalez and their 323 successes. Lyonnais would also be the first winner of the new Ballon d’Or formula, which will be awarded on October 17. The 90-minute final at the Stade de France should give us a great name for the winner …

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