Loire. Incidents in Geoffroy-Guichard: about thirty injured, institutions condemned

Loire.  Incidents in Geoffroy-Guichard: about thirty injured, institutions condemned

After a penalty shot, which confirmed the descent to Ligue 2 AS Saint-Étienne, several supporters stormed the field. Throwing smoke bombs and projectiles towards the stands, damage and acts of violence delayed leaving the stadium.

The events condemned the club, which mobilized a facility of 500 agents. “ASSE strongly condemns these actions, fully supports the disabled and initiates the necessary legal proceedings. »

Thirty wounded, including child Zaydou Youssouf

The disturbance ceased at 11:15 pm The prefecture reported 14 minor injuries among the police, 17 minor injuries among the fans and 2 minor injuries among the AJ Auxerre players. According to Team“Zaydou Youssouf’s small child, present in the side gallery, found himself in breathing due to gases.”

Until midnight, AJ Auxerre and 1154 fans left the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium with a police escort. To make matters worse, the public lighting in the stadium car park no longer worked throughout Sunday evening.

Before leaving, AJ Auxerre’s players could go on and watching their fans.

“Today I remain overwhelmed, deeply shocked and offended by this premeditated attack that plunged Kotel into chaos.”

“I would like to condemn as strongly as possible the unbearable incidents that took place last night at Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium after AS Saint-Étienne’s descent into Ligue 2. Today, I remain overwhelmed, deeply shocked and offended by this deliberate attack. to throw the cauldron into chaos, “says Georges Ziegler, president of the Loire department in a press release.

He added a wish to launch an investigation to identify rioters, “who by no means represent the vast majority of supporters who again pushed their players to the last minute on Sunday night.”

Georges Ziegler continues to recall the attachment of the people of the Loire and the department to the ASSE: “I call for unity to find the football elite as soon as possible. Nothing will be possible in the division. ”He also ensures that the ministry“ is and will remain the main partner of AS Saint-Étienne in order to ensure its economic and sports future ”.

In the same vein, the mayor of Saint-Étienne condemns the actions that took place on Sunday evening. “In such a situation, however, you must have the courage to say clearly that it is a collective bankruptcy,” Gaël Perdriau said in a press release.

For him, things must be clarified for the future of the club, “we must learn from all the lessons and all the consequences of this serious sporting failure so that the club can finally start again on a new solid foundation, with a real sporting project. viable and serious, which can finally provide long-term prospects. The city assures of its support for the club and hopes for the long-awaited sports reflection.

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