Mbappé hugs Benzem from Spain in tears

Mbappé hugs Benzem from Spain in tears

The French football federation has published pictures of Karim Benzema’s arrival in Clairefontaine on Monday evening. Spain is trying to cover its tracks.

After his victory in the Champions League, the Real Madrid striker did not miss the opportunity to join the Blues in the League of Nations matches. If this competition does not unleash passions, all eyes were still on the French team’s base camp. If Karim Benzem logically congratulated all of his teammates, and especially former Madrid player Raphaël Varane, on winning the Stade de France against Liverpool, his hug with Mbappé and a smile as a bonus were almost broadcast in Mondovision. The pictures are almost essential so that this reunion is not talked about too much.

There will be an explanation

After announcing that he was finally staying in Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé was actually considered for a deal by Karim Benzema, who was waiting for him in Real Madrid and did not like his half turnover, while he dreamed of playing for the White House. a year earlier. His photograph, published on the social networks of rapper Tupac betrayed by his relatives, left little room for doubt about the significance of this subliminal image. The PSG striker even responded, suggesting that this was a message sent from a much higher level, from the management of the Madrid club, and that Benzema complied without blinking. “ I saw that all the Real Madrid players published it. It’s not just him. You don’t have to do Saint-Cyra to understand that it’s coming from above, do you? I will explain my choice “Kylian Mbappé said, convinced that the explanation between the four eyes would end the alienation.” For the atmosphere of the group in the French team, it is better to know that both players are the leaders of the Blues.

Benzema is unhappy, so is Mbappé

This image of a sincere embrace and a smile therefore flew around the world quickly, but it was in Spain that it was most commented on. On the other side of the Pyrenees, the media has rioted. ” It was the most sought after picture of this meeting. For the sake of unity, the FFF wanted to emphasize this. This hug will end the rumors of a crisis between the two stars. They will have time to iron out their disagreements and clarify what has happened in recent weeks. “Cuatro said, convinced that Mbappé and Benzema would discuss this truly fake arrival in Real Madrid.” Of course, Marca took the opportunity to add some oil to the fire. “ Benzem is still hurt by Mbappe’s decision, which he does not understand. And Mbappé is not happy to see that those who may have been his teammates have revealed these negative reports against him “He explained the Madrid newspaper, for which the first steps of two players on the ground in the French team’s jersey will be examined. But even there, a few pictures will cost 1,000 words, and some great deeds between Benzema and Mbappém will be needed to dispel the last doubts. In any case, Didier Deschamps bet on it.

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