Mercato OM: Longoria’s number one priority in the attack is …

Pablo Longoria président de l'OM

Olympique de Marseille has been working on the outlines of its summer transfer period for several weeks. Sampaoli has recently identified and confirmed several priority objectives. Mohamed Ali Cho is one of these priorities. But OM is not alone in this matter.

By finishing second in the championship, Olympique de Marseille confirmed his ticket to the next Champions League. Marseille leaders thus have a more comfortable room for maneuver to work during the summer transfer period. Pablo Longoria has been working on recruitment for several months and has clearly identified priority goals.

In the columns of the Provence newspaper this Friday, we can read that the striker SCO Angers is one of the absolute priorities of the President of OM in the attack. During a meeting with Sampaoli earlier this week, this choice would be confirmed by the latter.

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However, OM is not alone in this matter. A few days ago, OM seemed on the verge of signing their first recruit in the person of Mohamed Ali-Cho, a young nugget from Angevin, with whom everything seemed to be closed. Pablo Longoria reached an agreement with Ligue 1 resident Uber Eats and the agreement seemed close to the player. A few days ago, however, the situation seemed to change. The native of Stains would now be closer to La Liga club than to stay in Ligue 1.

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Betis is now Cho’s favorite signature?

Indeed, Bétis Sevilla also entered the race for a few weeks. According to information from Goal Es, Bétis would be very confident about Angevin’s arrival and a third meeting would be scheduled this week. French Under-19 agents will be in Seville right now to discuss with the Seville leadership.

Angers wants a cash payment and Ali Cho a big salary?

According to FootMercato, “The clubs have agreed on the amount of the transfer (12 million euros), but not on the schedule of payments. SCO wants to pay in cash, while Marseille wants to pay in installments. » An 18-year-old French-Moroccan striker would also be very greedy for his salary, and Pablo Longoria would not be ready to accede to the player’s demands.

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