Minecraft: Another big update is crystallizing the tension!

Minecraft: Another big update is crystallizing the tension!

Game news Minecraft: Another big update is crystallizing the tension!

Last week, Mojang provided an update on the wild update of Minecraft and announced that the release would take place on June 7. It contains a new biome, new tree species, a new block and a dangerous underground, yet it causes dissatisfaction in part of the community.

Expected several months, Minecraft Wild Update will be added mangrove biomenew types of trees, different types of frogs, catering available suitcase on the ship, but also muddy blocks and dangerous underground corridors guarded Guardian and many other minor changes.

Big update with insufficient content?

Important additions, however, are not does not meet the expectations of some playerswho believe that certain promises are not kept. The fireflieswhich should be implemented with the update, will come later. why? Because this little insect is dangerous to frogs, and Mojang wants to maintain the cohesion of his universe by trying to find a way to keep these fireflies from appearing in the same place as the batrachs.

The idea is simple, except that Minecraft is based on ccomplex procedural generation algorithmsand all this needs to be studied. At the same time, players are starting to get impatient arrival of new bags and supplies, originally expected for 2020 and who did not provide any reports. In addition, players complain about the absence redesign of birch foreststhe possibility of sinking in the mud (in the Bedekra edition), archeology or the addition of a special dragon.

Big updates, a relatively recent fact in the history of the game

Dissatisfaction is widespread because several posts on Reddit far exceeded 700 comments. However, if we go through the posts in question, we will find some answers put things right :

It reminds me of how small the updates were at the beginning of 2010 and how enthusiastic people were about them. We were so spoiled that a whole new line of bosses, a new mega structure, an updated biome, a new wooden variant, a new “wireless” form of redstone, a new type of ship, a new tree (…) is simply not enough. Whether they planned to add even more. All in all, it’s a video game, it’s a free update, you’re getting things for free, and you’re upset, really …

Keep in mind that yesupdates are freeand that this kind of big thematic update is finally quite fresh. Mojang has not responded yet, but we can expect I will soon see a number of things put aside from studying at Wild Update.

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