Modern Warfare 2: VR experience exclusively for Playstation and Sony?

Modern Warfare 2: VR experience exclusively for Playstation and Sony?

Game news Modern Warfare 2: VR experience exclusively for Playstation and Sony?

Imagine immersing yourself for a moment in a vivid, realistic battlefield experience, ready to fight the enemy while avoiding missile bullets and deafening explosions. This may be Infinity Ward’s ambition for her upcoming Modern Warfare 2 title, which could include a VR mode exclusive to PSVR.

Modern Warfare 2: Return

So yes, it is true that Modern Warfare 2 already exists. For those who don’t know, this new opus, which bears the same name, is definitely not a remake or remaster, but rather a sequel to the reboot that began in 2019 with Modern Warfare. It may not necessarily be easy to follow on paper, but the fact remains that Infinity Ward has decided, probably rightly, to borrow the name of one, if not the most popular, saga game, a video game.

Announced last February, Modern Warfare 2 they will put us in line as soon as possible
next October 28.. Activision and Infinity Ward, which are not prudent to reveal, have also confirmed to us that the software would welcome a completely new version of Warzone, the Battle Royale licensing mode. Recent leaks have also caused a fire suggesting that the mythical maps of the original opus might return. Today we are talking to you about a new rumor that deserves our curiosity: in this last episode, the VR game mode will be present.

War, the real one

According to insiders ralphsvalve, Modern Warfare 2 would include a virtual reality experience. We do not know exactly whether it is a separate game mode or the ability to make the entire software in VR. In any case, the proposal is very tempting. However, low accuracy: this game mode would be exclusive to the Sony PSVR. Information that comes up the partnership between Activision-Blizzard and the Japanese manufacturer, which should be effective despite Microsoft’s takeover of the study.

Also remember that this would not be the first time Infinity Ward has tried VR. Already in 2016 Infinite Warfare included the VR Jackal Assault experience we were testing at the time. Activision, Infinity Ward or Sony have not officially announced anything yet, but another State of Play of this giant on June 2 it may also contain some revelations about this experience in virtual reality.

O Call of Duty: Warzone

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