‘monkeypox virus’ panic in one of our cities! – New contract

'monkeypox virus' panic in one of our cities!  - New contract

The incident in Usak caused panic! It was found that blisters appeared on the hands and body of a man in the city. Allegations were then made that the first case of monkeypox virus in Turkey had been seen in Usak. The Directorate-General for Health reported that the test of a person with blisters on his hands and body was negative.

In a written statement by the directorate, yesterday in some media, “The first case of monkeypox was seen in Usak, a panic of the monkeypox virus in Usak” It was stated that there were reports that did not reflect the truth.

In the declaration: “After seeing blisters on the hands and body of a foreign national who had been taken to the Uşak Training and Research Hospital for examination, a sample was taken from the patient as a precaution. The test result at the Public Health Reference Laboratory was negative. “ the term was used.

More than 250 cases in 16 countries

Head of the WHO Secretariat for Smallpox, Dr. Rosamund Lewis said that at least 250 cases of smallpox from 16 countries had been reported so far, “Based on what we know about the virus and its infection, we can say that this epidemic can be brought under control.” he said.

Lewis said that smallpox is transmitted by smallpox, and said that the rat kangaroo, sleeper (glis glis) and prairie dogs are the animals that spread the virus the most.

Lewis noted that smallpox is a region-specific disease in countries such as the Central African Republic, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon, while the epidemic is rarely seen in countries that have reported cases to the WHO.

Expansion to 16 countries in 2 weeks

After a long break, the smallpox virus, which came from the African continent and appeared in England on May 6, spread to 16 countries within 2 weeks.

Countries where the smallpox virus has been detected include, in addition to England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, the USA, Israel and Denmark, most recently in the United Arab Emirates and Slovenia.

According to the WHO, smallpox vaccines can be as effective as 85% against the smallpox virus.

“Transmitted by epidemic and close contact”

Asked if monkeypox was present in Turkey, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca emphasized the need to create a new area of ​​anxiety.

Koca said there had been no case of monkeypox in Turkey, and went on to say:

“When that happens, we will announce and report it. I do not believe that smallpox will cause a pandemic. Because we know they are not transmitted by droplet infection, but rather by secretion and close contact. Therefore, there should be no unnecessary unrest in this regard.

May our citizens rest in peace. In this sense, our ministry is closely monitoring how to act if necessary. In this context, if a situation arises that needs to be said and paid attention to, we will explain it. “

Description of the vaccine

Koca said they know the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine is 80-85 percent. “We all know that this issue was not developed in the world after 70, but we understand that some countries, especially the United States, did not destroy the live virus at the time, but developed it as a vaccine.he spoke.

Asked if there was a vaccine study in Turkey, Koca said: “We are currently consulting with friends, the Scientific Committee and, in particular, what we can do to improve it.” paid off.

Description of monkey pox from veterinarians

Ali Eroğlu, Chairman of the Central Council of the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association (TVHB), said that no cases of monkeypox had been reported in dogs or cats, and said: pose a risk of disease transmission, those animals should not be removed from their environment and should not be affected.


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