MotoGP Aprilia: “After Aleix Espargaró helped hire Maverick Viñales, he is considering recruiting to the RNF” – Paddock GP

Aleix Espargaró

We will no longer do Aleix Espargaró: he likes to get involved and he also likes to talk. But we must acknowledge that this is bearing fruit, given the current level of form of his Aprilia and also the presence of Maverick Viñales alongside him. He probably didn’t put the RNF in Noale’s arms, because the idea was in Razlan Razali’s head back in 2019. At the time, he was considered insane … But now that the Malaysian has signed up to join the family, you have to find two pilots. Here the soul of a recruiting sergeant who lives in a Spaniard wakes up …

Aleix Espargaro started at full speed one Grand Prix of Italy where he appeared on Friday as a great resistance fighter with his Aprilia on a breaking wave Ducati. A performance that is in the tone of his season and that allows him to score second in the championship. When announcing the arrival of the satellite team NWA With two RS-GPs in it, the Spaniard enjoyed the prospect of two sister machines joining the ranks. He would call them his “daughters” for little, because he calls himself the father of Noale’s opus, which he has been shaping since 2017.

In fact, they shouldn’t fall into the hands of everyone … It’s true that he’s not in charge of recruiting two more pilots Razlan Razalibecause it could be operated to order Massimo Rivola convince Maverick Vinales join him. But being a player in this ensemble has pleased him to the point that he does it again by wondering what the next few brands in the partner structure might be like …

Will Aleix Espargaró help his brother Polo after rescuing his friend Viñales?

On Todocircuito he says as follows: I can’t decide to give names, but I’d like the two new ones to have a chance to grow, because the Aprilia is a very different motorcycle from the others. We see problems in Maverick’s adaptations “But he didn’t resist long enough to name everyone the same:” talk last week I told Polo that Aprilia was a great bike and that there would be two more bikesbut I don’t know exactly what He then adds to avoid confusion: I don’t know his situation with his team, I would definitely be pleased if he could stay with Honda “.

Then it ends… ” I really like Raúl Fernández, he has something special and Lorenzo Savadori does a good job as a test driver. It will not be an easy choice for Razlan and Rivola “Especially when it may have just complicated them …

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