MotoGP Italy Mugello J2, two Ducati riders respond to Fabio Quartarara: “We are the best riders in the world and we can handle” – Paddock GP


Fabio Quartararo, while balancing his qualifications, which kept all his hopes of still succeeding with his Yamaha in this Italian Grand Prix, was critical of the proposed track conditions, which were judged to be truly dangerous. An estimate not shared by all of his colleagues, including the two at Ducati, who give a different perspective …

Were the pilots forced to risk this qualification for the Italian Grand Prix, during which they had to deal with the vagaries of the storm? Fabio QuartararoThe world champion thinks so and says it. But it is not unanimous. Definitely, Aleix Espargaro he went in his direction commenting: ” we don’t have medium tires. Especially the first five minutes of Q2 were really scary. It was very dangerous “.

But at Ducati, the two riders had different views. Pecco Bagnaia, the brand’s representative in motorsport magazine, said: ” of course it wasn’t as safe because it was raining “, explains, but we drove 1.46 at lap time. These conditions are incredible times ».

Pecco Bagnaia Ducati: “ it’s our job, our sport, our passion, so we just have to do it

An unexpected and heroic poleman Fabio Di Giannantoniowas only seven and a half tenths less of the fastest weekend time of 1’45,393, set Bagnaia in FP3 under completely dry conditions. Under normal circumstances, MotoGP riders lose at least ten seconds on their best dry times. Bagnaia concludes on conditions that were certainly delicate: it’s our job, our sport, our passion, so we just have to do it “, Appreciated Bagnaia.

And the newcomer is rocketing in front of the domestic audience this Saturday, what does he say? Di Giannantonio respond: ” Sure, you can fall easier in such weather, but we are the best riders in the world and we can handle it “Said the pilot Gresini during the official MotoGP press conference. ” Ultimately, it’s a gamble whether you’re riding a slick or wet. If you choose safety: take your tires in the rain. I don’t think we need to talk about security in this regard, there’s no reason “.

By the way, the crew Fabio Quartararo in house Yamaha said: ” To be sure, I stayed with the rain tiresbut the track dried up “. On the starting grid is the 23rd, but safe and fine.

MotoGP Italy Mugello: starting grid


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