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Alex Rins

The incident between Alex Rins and Taka Nakagami and the controversy that followed are an example of the tense period currently experienced by paddock riders, the vast majority of whom still do not have a 2023 contract. What’s more, it is most unattractive to paddocks where there are no crowds of places. They literally kept track and the victim was a Spaniard. The clash then continued in front of the officials and Suzuki supported her pilot. In vain, which provoked a little more resentment…

In house Suzukiwe start from the Grand Prix with zero result again, while for Alex Rins, this is the third time in a row that we regret the empty result. Everything in the context that we know, namely the closure of the store promised at the end of this year … So disappointments count threefold and even more, because you have to seek refuge for your career.

It is in this state of mindAlex Rins started on the 21st day of this Grand Prix of Italy. After 8 laps he was already in an excellent 13th place and was about to take the position of Nakagami when the incident occurred. Let us remind you that the Japanese is also in the hot seat, so he defended his place with the same approach. Resentment fueled by a kind of despair that could not lead to anything good …

and in fact Nakagami and rinses rubbed, the last city completes the process like a turkey stuffing. But as soon as he got up, he climbed to his heels: he was Nakagami, he can’t do what he does, he’s a super aggressive rider, I think he’s the dirtiest of them all on the gridHe shouted at the one who wanted to hear his teammates behind Joan Mir who had sinned shortly before. ” The bike before the accident I put the bike in front from turn 10 to turn 11, normally the one who puts the bike forward has a position, as Zarco did with Bezzecchi, who overtook him and took the position“.

The native of Barcelona, ​​who moved eight positions higher, tried to get 12th place Nakagami in the eighth round of the race and then there was contact between them: ” the next round did the same, but with more speed, even though I was in front, and the guy was holding the throttle, and when we straightened up, he touched me and threw me. I think it was a super dangerous moveI was lucky no one was behind, otherwise I don’t know what would happen“.

Alex Rins: Freddie Spencer has not peaked for many years

Due to the relaxed emotions, Race Direction was not only sensitized by the side Alex Rinsbut also the team Suzuki. And the two met and Freddie Spencer who again didn’t make friends by pointing out that there was no commotion … ” Honestly, I don’t understand anything about ‘stewards’, there’s no fine that they don’t tell him anything. The answer was that I was not in front, so no penalty. I went to talk to Freddie Spencer, who is a former pilot, but he doesn’t seem to have reached the top for many years … I don’t see the point in what he did“.

At Todocircuito, we find that the Suzuki ECSTAR driver regrets the College of Sporting Stewards’ lack of distinctiveness in judging this event: I went to Race Direction alone. When Livio Suppo went and they said no, there is nothing to do, I wanted to go talk to Freddie. I told him ‘as a former driver you overtook a lot like this, you know the one who overtakes has a place’. Very bad from him, I do not understand the decisionConcluded the Spaniard, who will have to swallow his anger and disappointment before finding his new friend Nakagami per week in Catalonia …

The result of the Italian MotoGP Grand Prix in Mugello:

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