MotoGP Italy Mugello J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati / 4): Subscriber in 4th place in the big league! – Paddock GP

MotoGP Italy Mugello J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati / 4): Subscriber in 4th place in the big league!  - Paddock GP

For Johann Zarc, the year of the Italian Grand Prix 2022 on the Mugello circuit will be inextricably linked to the fourth position!

fourth in a row Aleix Espargaro, Francesco Bagnaia and Jack Miller however, during almost tropical Friday, the Pramac driver paid two falls for his search for lightness on the handlebars of the Parma Ducati GP22, before warning: ” It looks like the weather will be a little better, a little colder in the coming days, and that will help me. »

During a much more turbulent meteorological Saturday, the Frenchman initially managed to avoid passing in Q1 before experiencing a stressful qualification 2, but eventually finished fourth in Fabio Di Giannantonio, Marco Bezzecchi and Luca Marini : ” I tried to work in FP4 to achieve this performance by being more relaxed on the bike, and it wasn’t bad. I wasn’t good compared to the others, but something is starting to happen, so we have to analyze it well with the team. But after this qualification, I’m happy, because when we left, there were a few drops and we didn’t know if there really was grip or not. In the first round I did something around 48. I saw that was not enough, but I was thinking what I could have done, so I stopped in front of the others to recover a bit to reset my mind before I did two more rounds to find a good time and it went well. So I’m glad for that, because you can really lose a lot in such a situation. There is more to lose than to gain, so P4 is perfect! »

Finally, Johann Zarco they experienced a constructive Sunday and were rewarded with another 4th place, which had to be grabbed in the last round on Marco Bezzecchi.
The Frenchman’s plant was crystal clear. He will be overtaken in the first round Aleix Espargaro and Fabio Quartararo who have just joined Marco Bezzecchi, Luca Marini and Fabio Di Giannantonio behind him. In the next passage, yes Francesco Bagnaia which doubles it and things stay there until round 8, where Enea Bastianini temporarily used.
Therefore, after doubling Fabio Di Giannantonio in the 9th round a fight with ” Beast which will last until the fall of the latter, in the 14th round.
The second part of the race will consist of Johann Zarco especially overtaking two representatives of the Mooney VR46 team Luca Marini in the 17th round Marco Bezzecchi on the 23rd and last pass.

Very happy today! During the warm up, the feeling was much better than on Saturday and it was good to be more confident at the start of the race, especially in terms of pace. The selection of tires was very good and I think the temperature was ideal for medium / medium. Not too hot, in which case we would have some doubts about the hard, so very good temperature. After that, it got quite warm during the race, but everything remained under control and it was good.
I’m happy with my start because it was better than ever, so if it stays that way and I can improve further, I’ll enjoy the next few races even more.
Then you always have to fight at the beginning of the race, but the confidence on the motorcycle always improves and I can try to fight. It can be seen that sometimes you try something and lose some time and other drivers overtake you quickly, especially Aleix and Fabio, because they do not waste time in this area. It was a good fight. Then at some point in the race, a group ran away and I was able to catch up. At that moment I was happy because the time was very good, which means that my speed was really good and the feeling was excellent. At that time, Bastianini stayed with me because it was just after passing Di Giannantonio. I know that the Beast has been strong in racing since the beginning of the year and I had no doubt that it would be there that it could stay with me and even overtake me. Then it crashed, and at that moment I could take a breath to control my rhythm behind Bezzecchi. But when I wanted to overtake the other to catch Aleix, it was too hard! I really tried to stay as close as possible to take advantage somewhere, but it didn’t work: I wasn’t fast enough to get close either. And when braking, when you get 10 km / h faster thanks to suction, you can’t brake better, especially with a guy who brakes very late. Then I tried to prove the place, but it was too hard, then I was able to surprise him in the last lap between the second and third turn. Then I forced even more, because maybe Aleix would suffer tire damage, but he had perfect control. I missed the podium, but it was a good fourth place and that’s very good. »

Johann Zarco therefore, he closed this Grand Prix of Italy as the best independent rider in a row Francesco Bagnaia, Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargarothree men we see fighting for the world title … Sorry!
In this area, Tuscany has allowed him to get rid of it Jack Miller and gain supremacy over and Alex Rins with a very flat curve, but on the contrary forced her to bow before the vigorous Francesco Bagnaia. The results of the operation, “true” 5th place in the championship, when he shared it with the Australian before Italy.

Direction now Catalonia, where Johann Zarco finished 2nd last year … We definitely play in the big league!

Barcelona is also a great circuit that I like. Physically, it’s not as challenging as Austin, so if I feel good, I hope I’ll have the same level as here, or better yet. I have good memories there last year and I hope to confirm this feeling, which is developing, even though I feel that I am not yet 100% relaxed. I’m fighting myself and that’s it long-term work, because these are reflexes that need to be successfully changed, but the results are progressing and that is motivating! »

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