MotoGP Italy Mugello J3 Luca Marini (Ducati / 6): “I was second behind the leaders three races ago, now I’m ahead” – Paddock GP

Luca Marini

Luca Marini showed at her Italian Grand Prix in Mugello that you should never despair in MotoGP. The work paid off in the end, and when he began to succumb to depression to the point where he asked for rules to be adjusted to his size and weight, everything suddenly entered a different dimension with a lighter tone in the Tuscan countries. The half-brother of his VR46 team boss, who qualified first, did well in the race and brought back a satisfactory sixth place.

Should Lucy Marini’s rise to his Ducati in this Italian Grand Prix be attributed to the magic of the local air? Maybe in part, but not only because the candidate also insists on the benefits of the test Sherry where something was found. ” After the tests in Jerez and the last races, my feeling on the motorcycle has improved a lot. It’s the most important thing analyzes.

Reconciliation with his Ducati which was celebrated with the MotoGP rider’s dry result so far, this sixth place in the home Grand Prix Mugello. ” I’m happy with the weekend and I’m happy because I feel like we’re moving forward “, Highlighted port. ” Like I said on Saturday, I didn’t have a pace on stage. But I wanted to be prepared to take risks if someone made a small mistake. But that’s the way it goes “He commented on the final result.

Pilot z 24 years, he enters the details of his Tuscan journey: I lost a lot of time in the fourth sector all weekend. We couldn’t solve this problem, so it took me a while to get out of the last turn “,” He said. ” I don’t know why I was slow. It was hard for me to shoot, so I was always late on my trip. Before I straightened the bike, I lost about 20 yards each time. Of course, this is a bigger problem in the race, because they will overtake you on the level and it is harder to fight “.

Lucas Marini: I realized that very little was missing for me to stay ahead

In other areas, however, I felt very strong “He followed port. ” I was really strong on the brakes, which makes me happy because we’ve been working hard on it since the beginning of the year. Hard braking is also very important in today’s MotoGP. It was really hard with the tires, but everyone struggled a bit. The front part in particular slid very quickly. It was easy to make a mistake. The rear tire sinks a bit at the maximum tilt angle, but we expected that. This track is quite demanding on tires. But overall, I’m happy with how things have turned out, as well as driving the tires “, In summary port.

Ends: ” The lesson I learn the most from this race is realizing that very little is enough to stay ahead. The level in today’s MotoGP is very high and fighting more experienced people is fun, it gives something more. We are now looking at Barcelona, ​​because it would be important for us to be able to do that confirm my speed on another track and continue to fight for these positions in all races See you this weekend in Grand Prix of Catalonia see what happens.

Italian GP, ​​Marini:

The result of the Italian MotoGP Grand Prix in Mugello:

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