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Pecco Bagnaia

Pecco Bagnaia approaches this Grand Prix of Italy with the intention of erasing from the last Grand de France, which ended in resignation after the fall by falling into the trap of Ene Bastianini, who knew how to put his nerves on hold. However, the representative of Ducati encountered resistance to the unexpected bravery of Aprilia of Noale, who raised an eyebrow among the men of Borgo Panigale. For the Vice-Champion of the World in 2021, everything is fine at the moment, which assures us that focusing on maximum speed in Tuscany is a mistake…

When we talk about Ducatiwe are thinking of top speed, but we forget that the record in this matter in Mugello belongs to and KTM. To z Brad Binderat a speed of 362.4 km / h. And when we look at the speed hierarchy at the end of the 1141 meters of the Mugello plain, we see that those who dominate it are far from a general classification. So many elements that give volume to the demonstration Pecco Bagnaia which refuses as follows: we all know that I really like this track, it fits me quite well and I felt good with a small fairing. We have taken a step forward, we are losing a bit of maximum speed, though in 2018 we saw the victory of Jorge Lorenzo with a motorcycle that lost 10 km / h in a straight line due to the fairing “.

Pecco Bagnaia: in suction we have an advantage that Yamaha does not have

Maximum speed does not matter on such a well-laid track He assures. ” I feel good, we continue our curve of improvement over the beginning of the year and we are still in shape compared to Jerez and Le Mans, it is a very positive day »Rejoices and Pecco Bagnaia which concludes it with the 2nd time of the combined classification. Ducati MotoGP vice-champion stopped time at 1’45 ″ 940 with a slight delay of 49 thousandths on Aprilia ofAleix Espargaro.

Pecco has something to add to the V-max: ” last year Fabio won and gained pole position with a motorcycle that was 10 km / h slower than the others. I’ve always preferred more maneuverability than faster in a straight line, I’m lucky I can lose less in a straight line to win corners and that’s definitely an advantage “.

Ends: ” at top speed I’m not much faster than Yamaha here, it’s not a big deal, I feel good all over the track. We have this advantage in the wake thanks to the engine, which pushes a lot, so it’s a small difference. We have an advantage in suction that Yamaha does not have “.

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