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Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez has entered the mission in Mugello, the site that hosts the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, the eighth round of the MotoGP Championship. On what topic? Pilots’ salary. A question that some managers have posed to the public in connection with the currently tense negotiations in the transfer market, which does not offer enough seats to too many pilots who are looking for such. This inevitably pulls the issue of wages down. But perhaps too low, according to some who found a prudent ally in Marc Marquez. Because a Honda official is best paid on the grid, we can say that he lacks the courage to get on the plate …

Things are happening, and increasingly, in the Security Commission, whose name is becoming too insignificant given the issues being addressed there. Recently, it has become a technical forum with ailerons and social with this issue of pilots’ salaries. Hot topic Johann Zarco yet he approaches it simply by putting it in context with the world around us. But we can also return it to the world of the paddock, which also has its arguments.

And they found a voice. To z Mark Márquez. He says this: it’s something that came out or escaped from the security commission and in theory what he says stays there, but it was revealed and published and I read everything that was written and it was good » Honda Repsol rider begins. The mobilization on the topic of the minimum wage for pilots comes from the pilot, who is definitely not the least paid in the paddock. Position he holds: many pilots race too low a salary thunders eight-time world champion. He claims to be ” aware of the problems “Although” perhaps one of the best paid on the grid reads on Todocircuito.

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda team, Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley

Mark Marquez: it was I who spoke on this subject, because it does not seem fair to me that there is such a big difference

Mark Márquez he does even better: he admits that it was he who drew attention to this topic: this is not normal because we ride 350 km / h motorcycles, twenty races a year. It is true that I must remain silentbut when I think or feel something, I say it and I commented on the subject because it doesn’t seem right to me that there is such a big difference ».

Risking a life on a motorcycle requires a minimum wage, he comments: ” it is true that mega crack in any sport will always pay more because it is so, but it is true that we all risk our lives the same and that why I think the basic minimum wage in the future is something to work on “. It remains to put in place…” How ? How? I don’t know how to keep quiet. I threw a stone and it’s … “He finished Mark Márquez.

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team, SHARK French Grand Prix

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