Nadal-Djokovic: “Amazon’s choice is shocking,” for Delphine Ernotte

Nadal-Djokovic: "Amazon's choice is shocking," for Delphine Ernotte

INFO LE FIGARO- The head of France Television warns against the privatization of major sporting events by American platforms.

That’s why the management of the Roland-Garros tournament decided on Monday. She chose the Amazon Prime Video service at the expense of France Televisions’ antennas to broadcast the quarterfinals between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. And Delphine Ernotte, president of the public audiovisual group, doesn’t like this configuration at all. According to our information, the leader made her dissatisfaction clear on Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Board of Directors attended by representatives of the parliament, the Ministry of Budget and Culture. “This decision by the French Tennis Federation shocks me deeplyshe said. This is a very bad blow to our partnership, as we have been involved in discovering and popularizing the tournament among all the French for years.And to add:I find it extremely shocking to favor an American player like Amazon at the expense of public service, especially for an event financed in whole or in part by public money. The opposite would be completely unimaginable in the United States.“.

To avoid controversy, while Amazon broadcasts part of the Roland-Garros matches by pay, the French Tennis Federation wanted to calm down. It’s playing tonight accessible for free and without restrictions in France on Prime Video, mobile and web applications “A press release said. In fact, if the meeting is actually broadcast for free, you will still need to register with Amazon Prime Video stating its identity and email. “Free distribution by Amazon is a lure: it only serves to generate subscriptions and data. And this is a real violation of equality, when not all French people have access to high-speed internet“Delphine Ernotte criticized during the board.

For the President of France Télévisions, the FFT’s decision also comes to the fore. “This event again raises the question of the privatization of sport to the detriment of those who cannot afford it. There is an urgent need to protect free access to major events, especially publicly funded eventsShe insisted. There are currently about twenty sporting events called “essentialare protected by unencrypted distribution thanks to a decree of December 2004. The government has just launched a consultation to modernize this list, while tech giants – in France Amazon also won 80% of Ligue 1 matches are becoming firmly established in the sports rights market.

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