NASA needs your opinion before sending human beings to Mars – Evening Edition Ouest-France – 27.05.2022

NASA needs your opinion before sending human beings to Mars - Evening Edition Ouest-France - 27.05.2022

The US space agency’s project, nicknamed the “Moon to Mars,” is expected to send men to Mars in a few years. And to carry out this operation, NASA has published an online questionnaire open to all. Responses are expected in early June. Explanations.

NASA aims to send astronauts to the moon as part of the Artemis mission in preparation for Mars exploration. The US Space Agency has launched a large-scale global campaign so that everyone can provide comments in this operation “Moon to Mars”, the US Space Agency recalls in its latest press release.

Everyone’s opinion

Everyone can contribute and express their views on the importance and interest of sending human beings to Mars, both individuals and members of industry or academics, through this link in English: Feedback on the draft Moon to Mars Objectives. The questionnaire must be completed by June 3, 2022.

This initiative follows NASA’s publication of a set of goals to be achieved. This report identifies about fifty points divided into four main categories: transport and housing, lunar and Martian infrastructure, operations and science.

The US Space Agency explains this information “will report on our plans to explore the Moon and Mars for the next twenty years,” reports Pam Melroy, assistant program administrator.


NASA’s goal is to be as transparent as possible during Operation Moon to Mars. And all opinions are welcome, as Pam Melroy points out: “With this approach, we will find potential gaps in our architecture as well as areas where our goals are in line with the goals of industry and international partners for future cooperation. »

After reviewing the responses to the questionnaire, NASA will discuss it with its partners by next fall. This will allow you to prepare well for this first mission to Mars, even if the date is not yet known. “This will help us prepare for the first manned analog mission to Mars.” confirmed Jim Free of the Director of Exploration Systems Development. Then we’ll get ready the first human mission to the surface of the red planet. »

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Two workshops are planned to discuss the comments collected. The first is scheduled for June with partners from American industry and academia. This will be followed in July by a second workshop with international organizations. NASA staff will also be able to express their opinion.

The Artemis project should make it possible to enter lunar land by 2025. Not so far away, which will be the first launch pad overlooking the red planet exploration between 2030 and 2040. The real challenge, knowing that today’s round trip is 500 days due to distance between Earth and Mars.

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