NBA – “I’m disgusted”: Laker is openly furious at the Warriors!

La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, s'est jetée des fleurs en rappelant un ancien compliment adressé par le leader des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James

As before any season, veterans sometimes have a choice when entering a franchise. This is the case in 2021, which was preferred by the Lakers. Whether sportingly or financially, we can say that he missed everything because he could stay with the Warriors. Shame.

The Warriors confirmed their ticket to the finals this Thursday night at the expense of the Mavericks of the great Luka Doncice. Unfortunately, the Slovenian was not enough, and now the franchise finds itself on holiday a little earlier than expected. For Dubs, after several complicated years after injuries, this is a golden opportunity to win the title. Yet some must regret it.

Veterans Lakers big fiasco revealed

As you can imagine, several players have been watching this conference finale in the West closely, including Laker in the person of Kent Bazemor. Peculiarity? He has played Duby before and must be disappointed that he has not experienced this with Curry and his company. He made it clear on Twitter, with a relatively clear message: a veteran would not say no to this experience.

Congratulations to my boys…. But I’m disgusted bruh 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

It’s hard to say if Bazemore is serious about the second sentence or not, but he could have been there this season with the Dubs. Indeed, there is no need to feel bad for a veteran who made a risky choice in the summer of 2021: to bet on the Lakers. However, the Warriors wanted to keep him to the point that they gave him a higher salary for two seasons. Bazemore refused, preferring the Angelins.

However, the contract with the Lakers was less interesting, but Kent was convinced that he could play a role in the City of Angels: we can say that it is completely missing. Internet users quickly pointed to Shamse Charania’s tweet on this topic:

Bazemore has turned down more money and a two-year contract with the Warriors, but believes he has a bigger role and a better chance of winning the Lakers championship. Bazemore is betting on himself.

Kent Bazemor’s failure, simply. He didn’t have a big role in the Lakers, he made less money and didn’t even make it to the playoffs while the Warriors are in the finals. Suffice it to say it’s the worst case scenario, especially if the title is over for Steve Kerr’s men.

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