Nersac: 560,000 euros, the price of pain after an accident

Nersac: 560,000 euros, the price of pain after an accident

Life expectancy, 15 years

It’s not a lottery. It is the result of five years of proceedings, a struggle with insurers. Also five years of suffering after a tragic car accident. June 27, 2017, 17:38 The former chef from Pistou in Angoulême remembers it perfectly. “I went to work on my scooter. At the Saint-Michel crossroads, my car cut me off. I see me slowing down, I see me touching her, I find myself 25 meters away. I remember there was a firefighter and a nurse at the crossroads. Teeth and half a cup on asphalt. 13 fractures, from face to knee. » Girac urgently repaired. Bordeaux continued.

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That is not normal. What will happen from EUR 372 to EUR 500,000?

While in the hospital, his partner sought support, contacted the association. A friend suggested a lawyer instead. “She got us 7,000 euros in teeth and 5,000 in costs. Experts came and the insurance company offered 372 euros for closing the file. » Secu said “Consolidated with consequences”gave him an expected life expectancy of let 15 years and a monthly pension of 300 euros!

“We did a survey on the internet, we found estimates says the couple. VSit had nothing to do. “And again they came across a specialized company, Françoise Gaborita, on the Internet. “He gave us a meeting in Poitiers next week.” And from the beginning he listened. He said “it would cost 700,000, but we will never get it.” He talked about 500, about leaving for three years.

Wilfried recalls mainly his two years off, 130 physio sessions and his inability to work at the age of 50. Length of procedure. “It has been five extremely painful years. On the lawyer’s Facebook page, I read that ‘it was worth breaking your leg’. I don’t count other fractures. What is it worth?to fight Wilfried, is to get a lawyer. It is not normal for insurance companies to do this to the client’s head. What will happen from 372 to 500,000? » Economic damage, the lawyer explained to him (read below). The couple will not change their lives so far. Just a little improve the ordinary. “But Wilfried can no longer work in a restaurant.”recalls his companion. He devotes himself a little to acting. We will have to live a long time. “

Wilfried doesn’t really know how to translate his feelings. It’s definitely a relief. But “From the beginning, I felt that my life was not worth much. There was no money, I filed a complaint. When I received the court’s report, rejected without follow-up and a reminder of the law for a young driver, it set me off. ” Today he sees the future more calmly, but he has not settled. “Thirty-five years in the food industry. I never imagined picking up boxes and storing them on temporary pallets. ” He has some time. Above all, he learned that he must “Never let go”.

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