New Alpine limited to 100 copies: photos!

New Alpine limited to 100 copies: photos!

A thousand mountaineers gathered in Dieppe this weekend in honor of Jean Rédél, who would be 100 years old. Opportunity for the French brand to launch a limited series … 100 copies, of course.

There were supposed to be 1,000, but in the end there were a few more. In fact, almost 1,100 Alpines gathered in Dieppe on the waterfront for a small meeting in honor of Jean Rédél, the founder of the French brand, who would be 100 years old. And as you know, car manufacturers don’t miss anniversaries, which are great opportunities to launch new, exclusive and limited edition products. Alpine took the opportunity exhibit the A110 GT by J. Rédélé, a somewhat special edition that does not feature in traditional bluebut a more sober shade. The car was also displayed next to a monopost entered in F1, which seemed like a reminder of Alpine’s commitment to competing.

Alpine A110 GT J. Rédélé limited to 100 copies

Only 100 pieces of this particular A110 GT will be produced in Dieppe, which is preparing to welcome the Alpine electric SUV. While the future of the Berlinette could easily be written in English, “Mountaineers” therefore still benefit a little from the presence of a coupe on its property. It’s weird, and contrary to popular belief, Jean Rédélé was primarily a fan of … gray. That’s why the gray color “Montebello” combined with the glossy black roof was chosen. Sober but rather elegant biton, which goes well with black 18-inch rims and silver brake calipers. Inside, there is a combination of gray and black with stitching on the seats. Another specific feature is the traditional numbered label, although it is only a “1 to 100” character, not the actual numbering.

A110 GT J.Rédélé does not change anything in the mechanical recipe, because the recent evolution of 1800 cubic centimeters at 300 horsepower, similar to the A110 S, is carried over to this limited edition.

Alpine will open orders from June 1 on the French network, but be aware that the additional costs are significant: from EUR 70,500 in the classic GT version, the A110 GT J.Rédélé increases to EUR 87,000. A significant difference, which is not justified by the list of equipment or mechanical specifics, but simply by the fact that it is a limited series.

Published on 30/05/2022 Updated 30/05/2022

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